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Trans protesters storm Kentucky Capitol over the law banning gender reassignment of children

Hundreds of trans protesters stormed the Kentucky State Capitol to protest a law banning gender changes in children under 18, including a ban on doctors prescribing hormone treatments or genital surgery leading to castration.

SB150 was originally passed by Republican lawmakers last month but vetoed by Democratic Governor Andy Beshear.

Today, however, Republicans won the support of some Democratic congress members and senators to override the governor’s veto.

Kentucky State, Trans protesters storm Kentucky Capitol over the law banning gender reassignment of children
“Trans kids are under attack,” the protesters shouted (Photo internet reproduction)

After a double vote in Chambers and trans protesters storming the Capitol doors in Frankfort, the veto was overturned, and the bill was signed into law without the governor’s signature.

Protesters managed to enter the House Chamber and shouted and threw things at lawmakers until Kentucky State Police removed them.

“Trans kids are under attack,” the protesters shouted.

It should be clarified that the people who illegally entered the Capitol were arrested but released a few hours later upon bail payment.

Very different from what was done with the Republican protesters who stormed the federal Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, who, to this day, are still detained without conviction, actual political prisoners of the Biden regime.

The Kentucky Senate overrode Beshear’s veto in a 29-8 vote, and then the House overrode it in a 76-23 tally.

Unlike what happened in 2021 on the federal Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers demanded a further debate on the bill and that it be voted on in the same session this Wednesday.

The bill covers several items:

  • Bans all gender reassignment treatments for children under 18;
  • Requires doctors to phase out all of their patients who are minors from therapy;
  • Prohibits the promotion of sex change in school for students in all grades;
  • Prohibits students in all schools from using restrooms of the other sex, despite
  • identifying with the gender of their choice;
  • Allows teachers to refuse to use personal pronouns with which a student identifies.

The bill is a response to multiple cases of corruption of minors reported in recent years in Kentucky and across the United States.

Since 2020, there have been hundreds of cases of children suffering from depression sent by their psychologist to a psychiatrist who recommends sex change as the “magic solution” to get out of their situation.

As the years go by, the children grow up and realize that the sex change was not what they wanted, but the treatments are irreversible.

For genital surgery, there is no turning back, and hormone treatment leads to children losing puberty.

Doctors who support these unscientific practices claim that if it were not for sex change treatments, patients would take their own lives.

But data indicate that the transgender community already has the highest suicide rate, at around 40%.

With information from La Derecha Diario

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