Opinion: Will Kabul become another Saigon?

The Taliban, with the support of most Afghanis, have resisted American cultural imperialism, just as the Mujahideen resisted Soviet imperialism in the 20th century, and the local rulers resisted British imperialism in the 19th century.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – (Opinion) Current events in Afghanistan bring back to me, an American, the distressing vision of the fall of Saigon: helicopters leaving the U.S. Embassy compound, leaving behind thousands of Vietnamese after 20 years of war had torn their country apart.

I fear the 20-year war in Afghanistan is about to end the same way because there are too many historical parallels.

The U.S. Vietnam War was justified by a wrong premise – the “domino” theory – that posited Chinese communists taking over all of Indochina.

The U.S. Afghan War was justified by a wrong . . .

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