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After securing unicorn status, Brazil’s MadeiraMadeira launches own brand

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – MadeiraMadeira, a furniture and remodeling products e-commerce company from Paraná state, has a major challenge ahead in 2021. Just over 5 months after becoming a unicorn (a term given to companies with market value over US$1 billion), maintaining the growth pace is a daunting task.

In 2020, the formula was to expand digital sales and open new physical stores. Now the startup has announced the creation of its first own brand, CabeCasa.

According to the company, the goal is to offer quality products, with a unique design, simplified assembly, and affordable (Photo internet reproduction)

This is MadeiraMadeira’s first original brand. According to the company, the goal is to offer quality affordable products, with a unique design and simplified assembly.

According to Santiago Antoraz, the company’s purchasing director, the launch was based on a thorough market research that aimed to understand consumer preferences and what they considered truly important in a new brand. The answers pointed to items with minimum durability. “From there, we came up with an affordable product brand, with greater durability and a minimum two-year warranty,” he says.

Antoraz, who joined the company two years ago specifically to structure the launching of own brands, is positive about the novelty and sees it as part of the company’s permanent strategy. “We want to show that it is possible to simplify the whole buying process for consumers, from purchasing to assembling and disassembling furniture. We are aware of these and other trends,” he says.

The product list now has 400 items, including kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and other furniture.

Despite not having planned the launch, the timing is ideal for CabeCasa to begin. According to Antoraz, the reopening of trade and the presence of customers in physical stores brings a visibility that enables a first contact of consumers with the new product line. “In addition to e-commerce, having these new items in our 42 stores will allow consumers to attest to the quality of the line and provide us with immediate feedback,” he says.

For the future, the brand will continue to be MadeiraMadeira’s main focus, which will prefer launching new products every month rather than anticipating the creation of new private brands, with the aim of developing mini item “collections” within the CabeCasa range. “We want a plural brand that is constantly evolving and developing,” says Antoraz.

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