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By Grzegorz Adamczyk The European Commission may stop all EU funding for Poland, which would amount to €35 (US$35) billion from the EU Recovery fund and €75 billion from the multiannual EU budget, according to reports in the Financial Times...
By Carlos Esteban* It has always been a mystery how large multinational corporations can shamelessly promote the most radical ideas of progressivism, even when such a focus is detrimental to their sales. It has always been said that all corporations want...
Brussels is conducting financial warfare against Hungary By John Cody Hungary is currently facing pressure in financial markets and a weakening currency, but this development is not due to the mismanagement of Hungary's economy. Instead, it is a form of punishment tied...
By John Cody Illegal migration is soaring across Europe, but the crisis is taking a backseat to the war in Ukraine As Europe reels from a new migrant crisis, Czechia is one of the EU countries seeing the most dramatic increase...
By Ricardo Chamorro* (Opinion) The likely reordering of Europe's energy and food dependence is a reality we seem hopelessly propelled into. Two major geopolitical events seem to be accelerating this reordering: the war in Ukraine and the European Green Pact, resulting...
After the victory of Meloni in Europe, a right-wing quartet was formed, consisting of Italy, Sweden, Poland, and Hungary, writes Boulevard Voltaire. Should it be seen as a "retreat" of a few EU member states or a turn to the...
The government of Jair Bolsonaro has led an offensive by emerging economies to prevent Europe from adopting protectionist measures against agricultural products on the grounds that they protect the environment. In a letter to the European Commission, Brazil and a...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL -  An intergovernmental task force is currently working on modalities for the revision of the treaties, in form of a global pandemic agreement also called Pandemic Treaty, between the WHO and the member states. German MEP Christine...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Faced with a potential agreement among developed countries for the establishment of a global minimum tax for multinationals, tax attorneys say that Brazil should neither be benefited nor impacted by the measure. With a varied...



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