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“São Paulo has lost political power, and we need to regain it,” says state governor 

São Paulo Governor Tarcísio de Freitas participated in the Jovem Pan News program “Straight to the Point” on Monday evening and commented on the end of the protagonism of São Paulo (SP) at the national level.

For the governor, wrong decisions and lack of unity in Congress left the state’s priorities aside, and the scenario needs to be reversed.

“São Paulo represents one-third of the Brazilian GDP, we have 22% of the Brazilian population, but this economic advantage lost political relevance. São Paulo lost political power over the years.”

São Paulo Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (Photo internet reproduction)

“Today, we have a problem of under-representation, which is a question of the state’s posture in important issues. I understand that there was a lack of agglutination of the bench of SP in the important interests of the state.”

“The State of São Paulo has the largest group of federal representatives in the Chamber (70) but has an impressive disarticulation level. We need to put this together”, he explained.

The governor also cited other points in which the protagonism was lost.

“São Paulo needs to have quality education focused on the professional challenges that are present today. It also cannot lose its protagonism in tax reform. São Paulo will support the tax reform, different from past administrations”, he revealed.

“Today, we have no barrier to destination taxation, which has always been a barrier. What do we realize? We may even lose revenue in the short term, but by eliminating the tax war, we gain a lot in the medium and long term.”

“So this is worth it for us. Investing in a less demanding, simpler, less bureaucratic tax system is worth investing in. São Paulo also lost space in digitalization; we are behind. And if you don’t have digitalization, you don’t have transparency. Because they are umbilically linked.”

“These are steps that we will have to take. By the way, digitalization will provide cost reduction. We will start eliminating inefficiency.”

“It is a State that has more than 100 different careers. Some structures won’t be necessary if I eliminate tomorrow from the State machine. We must do this reform”, he added.

In the interview, the governor also mentioned a plan to finish with Cracolândia, explained the northern coast housing program, and other national political issues.

With information from Jovem Pan

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