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Technology company openings in Brazil up 210% in 10 years

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It is no secret: technology companies are booming in Brazil and worldwide. But a new survey puts this trend into numbers over the past decade.

According to Datahub, the number of openings of this type of company in Brazil rose 210% in 2020 over 2011. The survey indicates Brazil’s southeast as the region concentrating the largest number of technology company startups opened in the past decade.

Number of tech company openings rose 210% in 2020 over 2011. (Photo internet reproduction)

The ranking

Southeast: 107,499
South: 29,582
Northeast: 19,626
Midwest: 13,152
North: 5,856

Considering openings per state, São Paulo ranked 1st (44,326), followed by Rio de Janeiro (8,783), Curitiba (6,879), Belo Horizonte (5,705), and Brasilia (5,464). According to DataHub, São Paulo was the starting point for the growth of the technology market in Brazil.

“Worldwide, the technology industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Understanding how it has been developing in Brazil provides us with an important overview of where we are headed. It is undeniable that the pandemic has impacted the sector. All the changes we experienced in this time, individuals and companies, have intensified the need to create solutions to meet the new demands of everyday life. We saw an acceleration in digital transformation and there is still much room to grow,” says DataHub’s chief operating officer José Renato Raposo.

The survey, conducted based on the consultation of 300 public data sources, indicates that over 520,000 new jobs with a signed worker’s record book were created in Brazil over the past ten years in technology companies, considering the period from January 2011 through December 2020. Again, the Southeast was the region with the highest number of job openings: 24,661.

In the last decade, companies such as Nubank, 99 and iFood were created, symbolizing the era of digital entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Operating in the big data and analytics segment for marketing initiatives, Data Hub is part of the nuvini ecosystem, a group of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies founded by entrepreneur Pierre Schurmann.

Even with job vacancies available, there is still a lack of qualified professionals to meet the technology market demand. According to a Brasscom survey, by 2024 the IT sector will need 420,000 new workers.

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