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Marília Mendonça is the most listened artist in Brazil in 2022, according to Spotify

It was 2020 when the singer from the Brazilian state of Goiás, Marília Mendonça, considered one of the precursors of “feminejo”, reached the top of the charts on Spotify (SPOT) and broke the record for views in live broadcasts on YouTube in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

In 2022, Mendonça returned to the lead as the artist with the most streams in Brazil.

According to Spotify, she is in the 89th position in the global ranking of the most listened artists of this year. The singer passed away in November last year, at the age of 26, in a plane crash.

Marília Mendonça passed away in November last year, at the age of 26, in a plane crash (Photo internet reproduction)

The streaming platform released its 2022 retrospective campaign this Wednesday (30), in which users can see their top artists, songs, albums and podcasts listened to in the year. Customers access their personal compilations exclusively through the smartphone app.

Abroad, Anitta was the most listened Brazilian artist and is in the top 20 of the most played by Spotify users in Brazil

In the local ranking, behind Marília Mendonça, are the countrymen Henrique and Juliano, Gusttavo Lima and Maiara & Maraisa.

Globally, the most listened to artists were Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS. The most heard song of 2022 was “As It Was”, by the British Harry Styles.

The most heard song in Brazil is “Por aqui, malfeito – Ao vivo”, by the duo Hugo & Guilherme. In second and third place are “Malvadão 3″, by Xamã and “Vai Lá Em Casa Hoje”, by Henrique & Rodrigo. Then appear “Molhando o Volante”, by Jorge & Mateus, and Dançarina, by “Pedro Sampaio”.

Sertanejo continues to lead among the most listened to albums in the country, with “Manifesto Musical”, by Henrique & Juliano, at the top, followed by “Festa das Patroas 35%”, by Mendonça and Maiara & Maraisa, “Buteco in Boston (Ao Vivo)”, by Gusttavo Lima, “Próximo Passo”, by Hugo & Guilherme (#4) and “Chama Meu Nome”, by Pedro Sampaio.

In Brazil, the most popular podcast in 2022 was Podpah, led by Igão and Mítico. Spotify claims that this was the first podcast to be broadcast via video in Latin America. Worldwide, Podpah ranks 24th among the most listened to. Then appear “A Mulher da Casa Abandonada”, by Chico Felitti, and “Mano a Mano”, presented by Mano Brown.

With information from Bloomberg Línea

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