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New Owners for Mab’s on Copacabana Beach

By Blake Sherman, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – For over forty years the original Mab’s Restaurant facing Copacabana Beach was in full operation and running successfully. Times changed, as did the name, and eventually the place had a price tag on it – which was exactly what new Mab’s owner Bob Fetterman had been looking for.

Facing Copacabana Beach, Mab's Restaurante - Bar has new owners, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Facing Copacabana Beach, Mab’s Restaurante – Bar has new owners, photo internet recreation.

A transplant from the U.S. and living for four years in Rio pursuing various business ventures, Fetterman was looking around Rio for a new solid investment opportunity. With Mab’s distinguished location at the cross-hairs of Avenidas Atlântica and Princesa Isabel in Copacabana, he found just that.

In September, Fetterman teamed up with Luis Neves who carries an extensive background in the restaurant industry, and Niels Nielsen, who is a good friend of Fetterman, and whom was also seeking a good investment.

With the partnership formed, the negotiations commenced. “We felt that this would be a great investment being an ocean front location in beautiful Copacabana,” says Fetterman.

The three expatriates – Fetterman from the U.S, Neves from Portugal, and Nielsen from Denmark, purchased the restaurant formally known as Barbeiri on October 1st, 2012. The decision to rename the place also came with the sale. Fetterman states, “Since the restaurant had been in operation in Copacabana for over forty years with the name Mab’s, we decided to change the name back.”

New co-owners Bob Fetterman (left) and Luis Neves at the Mab's Halloween party, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
New co-owners Bob Fetterman (left) and Luis Neves at the Mab’s Halloween party, photo internet recreation.

The decision stoked up positive reactions and nostalgic memories from some of the locals. “We have received a lot of good feed back from people who remembered the original Mab’s,” Fetterman says.

The Mab’s clientele currently consists of a mixture of locals and international and domestic tourists. The owners are hoping to draw-in a great deal more travels. With Mab’s premium location in Copacabana Bob Fetterman says he wants Mab’s to be “the point for tourists to meet and enjoy themselves.”

The owners pride themselves of having lower prices than before, and a diversified menu that has both international and traditional Brazilian dishes. Mab’s is also cranking up its entertainment options and events.

In December Mab’s is going to start having live music daily from 5:30 PM to 10PM for happy hour. Luis Neves is bringing in his restaurant experience and creating thematic parties that are going to take place at 11PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

In many ways the new owners of Mab’s are giving the place a facelift. With the lowering of prices, new menu, regular events, and even a fresh coat of paint (starting this week), Mab’s might be a Rio classic but it’s gearing up for modern appearance.

The new multilingual management, especially Neves, is bringing his longtime experience and work ethic from abroad to his staff.

The results of all these factors has led Fetterman to believe the climate is primed for success and Mab’s is unique for its, “Great location in front of the beach, service with professional, friendly and dedicated staff, great food and drinks,” states Fetterman.

Avenida Atlantica, 1140, Copacabana
Tel: (21) 2275-7299
Hours: 9AM – 3AM

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