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Best B ranking of corporations includes 39 Brazilian companies

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Thirty-nine Brazilian companies were listed in The Best for the World 2021. The global ranking announced this week distinguishes B corporations with good practices in 5 categories: community, customers, environment, governance and employees – a criterion that highlights initiatives related to remuneration, benefits and training, as well as health and safety policies for employees.

This year’s list includes 750 companies worldwide.

The Best for the World is managed by B Lab, a global non-profit network that certifies and promotes businesses known as “B Corporations,” companies that follow social, environmental, and transparency performance standards. There are over 4,000 B certified corporations in 77 countries – 216 in Brazil.

Francine Lemos, Sistema B Brasil’s executive director. (Photo internet reproduction)

This year, among the Brazilians are Editora Mol, a book and magazine publisher in the community category; Yunus Negócios Sociais Brasil (clients), Natura Cosméticos (environment), venture builder Din4mo (governance), and startup Blockforce (employees).

The pickers cooperative YouGreen was present in two categories: environment and employee practices. The São Paulo-based organization adopts participative management, in which all cooperative members are considered “owners” of the business.

“Even in a difficult economic period like the one we are experiencing because of the pandemic, B corporations remain firm in their purpose of being better businesses for the world, increasing their positive impact on the environment and society,” assesses Francine Lemos, Sistema B Brasil’s executive director, representing Best For The World in the country.

In the 2019 ranking Brazil contributed with 54 companies, 15 more than in the 2021 listing – due to the Covid-19 crisis there was no ranking in 2020. According to Lemos, the decline was due to changes in the selection criteria.

“In past editions, scores in the top 10% in each of the impact areas assessed were included in the lists,” she says. “For 2021, we decided to recognize only the top 5%,” she explains.

Best for the World is organized to provide visibility to B corporations’ best practices and can also inspire the market with references from the global community, she says. “We show that it is possible to do things differently.”


Papel Semente
Grupo Gaia
Tobasa Bioindustrial de Babaçu
Movimento #euvistoobem
Editora Mol


YOU2 Idiomas
Raízes Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Criando Consultoria
Mov Investimentos
Yunus Negócios Sociais Brasil
Magikjc Empreendimentos Imobiliários
Suindara Radar e Rede
The Key – Prosperar na Nova Economia


Natura Cosméticos
Combio Energia
Recicladora Urbana
NewInc Construtora
Fazenda da Toca Orgânicos
Bresco Gestão e Consultoria
Sunew Filmes Fotovoltaicos Impressos
Arueira Ambiental

Environment and Employees

YouGreen Cooperativa de Beneficiamento de Materiais Recicláveis


Wright Capital Gestão de Recursos


Carambola Tecnologia
Fama Investimentos
Tawil Comunicação
Wongtschowski & Zanotta Advogados

B Corp (short for Certified B Corporation) is the term used for any for-profit entity that is certified by the nonprofit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

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