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Letter: Mr. Greenwald, You are Misinformed About Dilma’s Impeachment

Letter to the Editor, by Gregory Cufaro

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With respect to Mr. Greenwald and his impeccable pedigree, and in deference to his being a Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, he could not be more misinformed or mistaken regarding the supposed “Coup” of Brazil President Dilma Rousseff! He is not even close to the truth!!!

By very definition a Coup D’etat, is sudden, violent overthrow of a standing government by military intervention and a complete take over the ruling government. The ongoing impeachment of Ms. Rousseff and the subsequent de facto prevention of Lula gaining a government post, which will shield him from current criminal investigation charges and the inevitable conviction, while waiting to run in the next federal election for president, is not a coup.

The Brazil Constitution is safeguarded with a provision for an impeachment process should the sitting president not uphold their sworn oath to the Republic of Brazil. That is what an impeachment process is about. To determine if the president has failed in their role to honor the constitution and protect the interests of the Brazilian people. A Democracy is supposed to be: “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, (does Mr. Greenway know of a great man named Abraham Lincoln?).

Ms. Rousseff works for the people not the other way around!

Another basic fact, had Mr. Greenwald cared to look, is the ample credible evidence ( as an integral part of the ongoing Lavo Jato criminal investigation of government and private sector corruption) that the 2014 re-election of Ms. Rousseff and the PT party was rigged in their favor by the same electronic computerized voting system used in the U.S.A.

Anyone who actually knows what is happening in Brazil will tell you that both, ex-president Lula and president Rousseff are criminals, who have subverted the very Democracy which they claim so loudly to champion, cherish and love. The PT party is a communist party. The fact that they gained power through an elected democratic elective process is ironic and would be rather humorous had it not been so devastating to the Brazilian people.

The actions and policies of the PT with the blessings of both Mr. Lula and his puppet protege Ms. Rousseff are the real reason’s people are demanding change. As the middle and lower classes suffer under their socialistic policies, bribery, government graft, theft of public funds, corruption and opposition intimidation, the PT supporters who live off of the free handouts of the PT party are driving the country into a social morass that will make Cuba look like a paradise.

Does Mr. Greenwald know that under Brazilian law every citizen between the ages of 19 to 70, must vote in a federal election. They do not have the choice to not vote. So those who attach their wagons to the free handouts of the PT party naturally love Mr. Lula and Ms. Rousseff.

They do not need to work so why would they? The lower and middle class and the wealthier class who want to reach the promise that Brazil was thought to have had are fighting a losing battle. The numbers themselves back up this. Look at the demographics of the vote spread in the last few federal elections since Lula won his first term.

It was the predominantly unemployed north and north east regions who voted PT. It was not the power centers who voted for the PT, like Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro or the southern states of Santa Catarina, Parana, or Rio Grande do Sul. They want true development and social improvement not communistic style equality in poverty!

Does Mr. Greenwald know that the government public hospitals are a shambles with no medical supplies, medicine or even beds and have had to shut their doors, or that the educational school system is a joke, with empty classroom’s due to no books and basic supplies?

Does he know at the same time there are hundreds of government warehouse’s filled to the rafters with medicine, medical equipment, books and school supplies. Does he recognize, (maybe it is not important to Mr. Greenwald!), that the money from the federal government to pay for these basic necessities of modern life, have gone into the pockets of Mr. Lula’s and Ms. Rousseff’s PT party cronies, friend’s, family members and political backers.

Not to the common people who become ill and require medical attention nor the young children or youth who crave to be educated so they can contribute to a better Brazil and enjoy some quality of life. These are the same people Lula and Rousseff claim to champion and cherish! If Ms. Rousseff is such a great torch bearer for true democracy why has she not done even the basics to make her people healthy and have access to education.

Mr. Lula and Ms. Rousseff are communist anarchists whose only political desire is to disrupt, subvert and destroy true democracy for their Leftist agenda. Their Utopic view for Brazil is one where the common people, party proletariat and the illiterate masses are scratching in the dust while Mr. Lula and Ms. Rousseff and the PT inner sanctum bask in luxury lifestyle’s, villa’s, huge illegal bank account’s, vacations. Let us not forget the opiate of power and control.

No, Mr. Greenwald you absolutely have no concept of what it means to live in Brazil or be Brazilian or honestly want what is best for the future of Brazil. If you argue in your enlightened view of expertise that you do know the truth, then you belong in the same court of prosecution as Mr. Lula, Ms. Rousseff, the PT party. Where is your voice for the suffering people of Brazil. It is too bad that impeachment is limited only to some elected government officials.

It is tragically sad that so many people who follow you and journalist like you, blindly ingest your daily output of half truths and selected commentary. I guess what they do not know is the real truth does not really matter. You will decide what is best for them. What the truth is.

That is frighteningly similar to another situation. Sounds a lot like what is happened in Brazil with the support and blessing of Mr. Lula, Ms. Rousseff, and the PT party. The Brazilian people dream of a Brazil free from government corruption, communistic oppression, incompetent socialistic policies. Free from corrupt Lula, his puppet caretaker Rousseff, the PT party. Viva Brazil! Viva Democracia!


Gregory Cufaro

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