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Where Is video-to-text transcription used?

Videos are famous tools for marketing, entertainment, and education. The internet is littered with thousands of HD-quality videos, which forward-thinking businesses use to build an online reputation.

While videos have indispensable roles, the time comes when converting the videos to text will give your content more virtual mileage. That’s when you need video-to-text transcription services.

Common Use Cases of Video-To-Text Transcription

The situations and markets requiring text instead of videos increase with time. Videos may be in-depth content-wise, but extracting valuable details from a video takes time. Many industries have realized the importance of outsourcing their transcription projects. Get to know critical situations which demand using a video-to-text transcription service.

Where Is video-to-text transcription used? (Photo internet reproduction)
Where Is video-to-text transcription used? (Photo internet reproduction)

Corporate and Commercial Sectors

The largest benefactors of video-to-text transcription are commercial and corporate industries. These fields generate a lot of video content, such as investor pitches, infomercials, industrial safety training, seminars, and messages from the CEO to the staff.

The creation of video transcripts aids with information storage and content presentation. Additionally, staff members will have an easier time analyzing transcripts than watching the videos. If you need help with your marketing efforts, convert your infomercials and explainer videos into text. Also, creating transcripts of training videos makes it easier for everyone to grasp and retain knowledge.

Real Estate Industry

Commercial and residential real estate agents create hundreds of pleasant videos to showcase their properties to potential clients. Fantastic videographers deliver explicit clips that outline every detail of the house. While videos are crucial for marketing homes, they don’t help people remember information such as square footage and price. Attaching a transcript to every video means that properties sell fast.

Professional transcribers can convert your neat real estate videos into high-quality, easy-to-read transcripts. Explore the GoTranscript website to discover the many formats of transcripts on offer.

Advertising Agencies

Another industry benefiting profusely from video-to-text transcription is the advertising sector. Marketing agencies create lots of video content for internal and external applications. These include street vox pops ideal for research presentations and case studies.

Other typical contents include creative holiday messages, chemistry videos, and personalized product marketing videos. While the presentations of these marketing strategies work, adding text content can boost overall consumption rates. It could as well deliver more value and higher sales.

Event Planners

Many event planners have shifted their operations online. These professionals use video creations for marketing their businesses and brands to expand their reach and get more clients. Common videos taken during event planning occasions are music performances, sporting events, trade shows, product launches, religious ceremonies, and company parties.

Event planners constantly seek professional transcribers’ services to convert such videos into text. The reason is that attaching text descriptions to the videos increases the reachability and conversion rates. Additionally, the text content can be shared through multiple online channels for more clients to access and read.

Online Video Producers

The most significant video creation field so far is the vlogging industry. The advent of open-source video-sharing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube presented a great opportunity for content creators to reach out to more clients. Brands and businesses have heavily invested in video marketing through these channels.

Individuals with incredible talents and skills are using these channels to showcase them. While videos are a good way to educate and entertain, they limit those with hearing and sight issues.

For that reason, online video producers seek the services of transcribers to convert their content into readable text. The text equivalent of these videos is an easy way to store the information while enabling sharing with people with disabilities.

Renowned transcription companies continually help well-known and established video creators deliver their messages. Use this website for the info you need to do the same.


The transcription sector depends significantly on other industries to maintain a positive growth trajectory. Every company that creates video and audio content will need transcription services once in a while. Many businesses benefit from outsourcing their video-to-text transcription projects.

Quality and accuracy matter a lot when it comes to transcription; in no situation should one ever go for less. For all your transcription needs, go for a vetted team of transcribers with an established track record like the one at GoTranscript. Place your order today.

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