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What is the Davos Forum, the main annual meeting of globalists

By Fernando Beltrán

This week the so-called Davos Forum is taking place in Switzerland, which receives the name of the tiny alpine town where it takes place, in the east of the Swiss country.

This year, the meeting brings together 2,700 world leaders and will have the motto “Cooperation in a fragmented world”. What is this meeting about?

“Davos is basically a place where millionaires tell politicians what to do… And politicians tend to obey,” former Spain Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias said on Monday. Without serving as a precedent, the former leader of Podemos is largely right.

, What is the Davos Forum, the main annual meeting of globalists
What is this meeting about? (Photo internet reproduction)

The Davos Forum is how the annual assembly of the World Economic Forum is known, an international organization founded in 1971 by Klaus M. Schwab.

In addition to the well-known assemblies, the Forum it organizes more events, produces a series of research reports and involves its members in sector-specific initiatives.

The Davos assembly, which traditionally takes place in January, and which can only be attended at the invitation of the globalist institution, is attended by hundreds of heads of large companies, political leaders, academic representatives, non-governmental organizations, religious leaders and journalists.

In recent times, Schwab has been pontificating about the benefits and virtues of the “Great Reset” and the usefulness of the crisis as a means to achieve a “restructuring” of the current world order.

The restructuring haunting his organization is a global socialist system—Schwab regards China as a role model—based on the WEF founder’s concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Sharing Economy, and Stakeholder Capitalism.

As Pablo Iglesias said on Monday, our politicians tend to comply with the slogans that are launched at this meeting, in the form of policies or future measures: you will have nothing and you will be happy, you will not travel, you will not have a car, you will stop eating meat and you will start eat bugs, and a long etcetera.

Meanwhile, they go to the globalist meeting in private planes and in long motorcades.

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