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The 3 most luxurious Casino resorts in the world

For those who want to travel, there are several places where you can enjoy gambling in comfort. That may mean dressing in cocktail attire simply to be let into the most luxurious casino resorts.

The top list includes The Venetian in Macau, Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco.

If these casino resorts are too far away, you can go without having to get dressed up and benefit from online gaming.

The Venetian, Macau

Las Vegas may be known as the casino capital, yet Macau has been gaining ground. It’s no surprise to see its gambling revenue go beyond Vegas. Around $2.4bn was spent on creating the casino resort.

The Venetian in Macao. (Photo internet reproduction)
The Venetian in Macao. (Photo internet reproduction)

The resort spans 39 storeys with an exquisite Italian-esque design. It is not just for gambling; the resort is home to a 15,000-capacity sports and entertainment arena with around 3,000 luxurious suites to choose from too.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Sometimes you cannot beat a trip to Vegas, and that should include Bellagio. As well as being a leading casino resort, it remains one of the best hotels.

The resort contains all those table games you would expect, with perhaps the most impressive poker room in Vegas.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you want splendour and a traditional setting to gamble, then Monte Carlo is the place to go.

This is where gambling enthusiasts seek out the most desirable and luxurious experience to place a few wagers.

The casino resort exudes French sophistication and decadence in an almost palatial building.

From the ornate decor and the tiny golden details to the exclusive clientele, Casino de Monte Carlo was one of the first and remains one of the most impressive casino resorts in the world.


The likes of Macau, Las Vegas, and Monaco may seem a long way to go, yet once you step into their casino resorts, you will appreciate the appeal.

Sure, you may have to wear a tux yet that is part of the deal in getting in tune with your opulent surroundings.


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