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STDs Are On The Rise Across All Generations – Sponsored

, STDs Are On The Rise Across All Generations – Sponsored

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – According to the CDC, there has been an alarming increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and infections being treated in the past year.

A 67 percent rise in reported cases of Gonorrhea and a 76 percent increase in people being treated for Syphilis is a shocking spike considering the rate that people are having sex hasn’t increased substantially since 2015 and Millennials are having less sex than their parents did at their age.

, STDs Are On The Rise Across All Generations – Sponsored

So, if people are having less sex, then why are there more cases of STD’s being reported? You would think that less sex would equal less STDs but, that’s not what is happening. A combination of interesting factors is truly responsible for the rise in numbers.

Riskier sexual habits, seniors having more sex and a higher divorce rate are all part of the problem. To be safe, if you are sexually active it’s a good idea to have STD testing at least once a year or when you change partners.

We are going to take a look at some of the factors that the CDC believes are responsible for the surprising jump in reported cases of STDs.

Less Condom Use

Even though the past two generations have been given proper sex education and are aware of the importance of using condoms, somewhere the message is starting to get lost.

Since the AIDs epidemic, the number of people using safe sex practices has slowly been on the decline. It may be the fact that people feel less at risk since treatments have become so advanced.

Risky Sex

The U.S. is in the midst of a drug epidemic. Heroin and other opioid addictions are on the rise in every community across the country. So many people are addicted to pain medications that it follows that they may be displaying addictive sexual behavior. Plainly said, when you are under the influence, it’s more likely that you may engage in more risky or unprotected sex.

In many cases, addicts may end up either having non-consensual sex with a stranger or even trade sex for drugs. Both these behaviors are common to addicts and, with addiction affecting millions of people, it’s no surprise that STDs are spreading faster.

More Senior Sex

Seniors are living longer and they are more active than seniors in previous generations. This means that there are more people over the age of 60 who are having regular sex. After a divorce or the loss of a spouse, you may see more seniors getting back into the dating scene.

Seniors tend to be uneducated and even inexperienced when it comes to sex in the modern world. The lack of knowledge about protection or even the hesitation to have a conversation about safe sex could be the reason that seniors are reporting more STDs.


As the number of STDs rise it becomes even more important for you to protect your sexual health. Take care of yourself by using the right protection, getting regular testing, and reducing your risks to help keep you healthy. Make sure to see your doctor if you have any symptoms or want to schedule an appointment for testing.

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