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Portugal’s mobile payment method MB WAY is now supported by Skrill and Neteller

MB WAY, a widely used mobile payment platform in Portugal enabling users to execute swift and secure smartphone transactions, has joined forces with Neteller and Skrill.

This collaboration will simplify sending and receiving funds for online gaming enthusiasts. It will also further enhance the safety and convenience offered by MB WAY.

What is MB WAY?

MB WAY first launched in Portugal in 2014 and has enabled users to send and receive money, pay bills online, make e-commerce purchases, and play games at internet casinos via smartphones. To utilize this service, the user needs a bank account and a mobile phone number.

Access MB Way services require downloading its app from Google Play or App Store while registering one’s phone number and linking it with bank account details.

, Portugal’s mobile payment method MB WAY is now supported by Skrill and Neteller
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This payment platform is exclusively available only for players based within Portuguese jurisdiction with an active bank account tied up with MB Way’s system.

The platform also offers users a range of benefits, including instant transaction processing and enhanced security features. Transactions are authorized with either PIN or fingerprint verification for extra protection.

What does the Skrill-Neteller partnership mean?

Recently, Neteller and Skrill have collaborated with MB WAY to add it as a part of their payment options for players.

This means that those who commonly consume the services of Neteller and Skrill can now use MB WAY as an additional payment option. The partnership provides the following benefits:

  • Convenience. This integration allows users to transfer funds from their e-wallets straight into their MB WAY account, making it more convenient for players in the Portuguese market.
  • Speed and security. MB WAY grants its users an instant payment process anytime they use this service while guaranteeing them the utmost security since every transaction is secured through unique PINs. So, users can now use their e-wallets for an extra layer of security when sending or receiving money through MB WAY.
  • Accessibility. The partnership makes MB WAY more accessible to a broader range of users with diverse preferences and potential needs.

The integration partnership between all three parties marks a significant development in online payments, enabling users to make quicker and safer transactions.

The speed and security will undoubtedly foster greater adoption of MB WAY as an essential payment method for Portuguese players.

What Can We Expect for MB WAY’s Future?

The recent partnership between MB WAY and Neteller-Skrill is likely to help the mobile payment platform further penetrate Portugal’s online gaming market. E-wallets are gaining ground in the iGaming industry.

With more people turning towards them for safety and convenience, this collaboration marks a step toward wider adoption of e-payment solutions.

The launch will foster increased financial inclusivity by providing easy access via smartphones or other portable devices.

Furthermore, this integration will likely positively impact MB WAY’s adoption beyond the Portuguese market.

If successful in its current jurisdiction, there may be opportunities for expansion into other international gaming markets where Neteller and Skrill operate.

Crypto with Skrill

Besides integrating with MB WAY, Skrill is expanding its services beyond traditional financial offerings. It has ventured into supporting cryptocurrencies by allowing customers to buy and sell over 40 digital currencies on their platform.

Furthermore, users can earn points through Skrill’s loyalty program, Knect, by trading cryptocurrencies on its platform.

Overall, Skrill offers a combination of security, convenience, and competitive fees, making it one of the best mobile payment platforms available.

Skrill also allows customers to withdraw funds from their available fiat balance and transfer them directly into an external digital wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other stablecoins.

These offerings are another step towards making digital currency more accessible to mainstream consumers who might be hesitant to use cryptocurrencies.

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