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Opinion: Zelensky wants to provoke a big war in Europe

By Thomas Röper*

(Opinion) Ukrainian President Zelensky is desperate to drag Europe and NATO into his war. This may be understandable from his point of view because his country will lose the battle without Western military intervention.

Despite the massive arms deliveries, Ukraine is losing too many soldiers and has hardly any military successes to show.

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To engage the West in a hot war with Russia, Zelensky is willing to use any means. How long will the West put up with this red-hot game?

Ukrainian President Zelensky. (Photo internet reproduction)
Ukrainian President Zelensky. (Photo internet reproduction)


The fact that the missile that hit Poland and killed two people came from Ukraine is now also admitted by the West, although Poland first blamed Russia and even summoned the Russian ambassador in the middle of the night.

That Ukraine fired the missile was apparent almost immediately. Photos of the missile’s remains showed that it was an S-300 anti-aircraft missile, proving that the Ukrainian army launched the missile.

The S-300 has too short a range of a maximum of 150 kilometers to be from the Russian army.

Moreover, the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly stated (and reiterated this time) that it does not attack targets closer than 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Polish border. Russia maintains this safe distance to prevent accidentally hitting NATO territory.


That Ukrainian President Zelensky wants to drag NATO into a war against Russia is not new. The Ukrainian leadership is willing to use any means to achieve this goal.

Zelensky has often lied, or had his people lie, and freely invented anti-Russian horror stories.

The most famous example was the reports about mass rapes allegedly committed by Russian soldiers, which, however, was fictitious and had only the purpose of breaking the initial resistance in countries of the West against arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Arystovich even openly said:

“Ukraine’s national idea is to lie to itself and others as much as possible. Because if you tell the truth, everything collapses.”


The missile that crashed in Poland was another occasion for Zelensky to manipulate.

As is often the case, the incident came at the “right” time for him because it happened right before the G20 summit.

This is why he could broadly address his accusations against Russia in his video message to the G20 summit.

German ‘Der Spiegel’ outlet reported shortly after the missile crashed:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky laid it down: he declared that Russian missiles had hit Poland. Ukraine had warned for a long time that Russian actions would not be limited to Ukraine.

The Russian missile attack on NATO territory seriously escalated the situation. There must be a response to this, he said. Action is needed.

The purpose of these lying accusations against Russia was also openly stated:

The Ukrainian government also called for a united response against Russia. A NATO summit with the participation of Ukraine should work out further steps, suggested Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

He tied the incident to calls for better air defense and US F-15 and F-16 fighter jets for Kyiv. Today, protection for Ukraine’s skies means protection for NATO, Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Zelensky also built the lie into his video address at the G20 summit, as ‘Der Spiegel’ reported:

In a video address shortly before the end of the G20 meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again blamed Russia for the impact.

He said the missile strike was a message from Russia to the G20 summit. With Russia, the G20 countries also include a terrorist state against which Ukraine must defend itself.

That, he said, was the “reality.” Zelensky had already accused Russia on Tuesday night of firing the missile at Poland, causing a significant escalation.


Zelensky had to know that it was his own missile that hit Poland. After all, CNN reported:

The Ukrainian military told the US and its allies that it had attempted to intercept a Russian missile in the time and vicinity of the site of the Polish missile strike, a US official told CNN.

It is unclear if this anti-aircraft missile is the same missile that hit Poland, but this information has been incorporated into the ongoing US assessment of the attack. 

Nevertheless, Zelensky has spread the lie that it was a Russian missile. What is not being reported in Germany is the reaction from Hungary.

The head of the Hungarian prime minister’s office told journalists:

Ukrainians are responsible because the Ukrainian president acted irresponsibly and immediately blamed the Russians for these actions.

So, at the very least, one would have to ask whether Ukraine deliberately launched the missile toward Poland to use this for PR at the G20 or even to draw more Western countries into the war. But this question is not even asked in the West.


The Western media do not even ask the necessary questions but blame Russia anyway.

The line on how to deflect from Ukrainian guilt has been given by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, who has stated that Russia is to blame anyway because the missile would not have been fired without the “Russian war of aggression.”

The Polish government immediately blamed Russia.

Even the Russian ambassador to Poland was summoned in the middle of the night, and it was reported that Poland was thinking about activating Article 4 of the NATO treaty.

The article provides for consultations among NATO countries if one of them feels that the integrity of its territory, political independence, or its own security is threatened.

In the meantime, Poland has changed its mind and no longer wants to activate Article 4.

The Polish ambassador to NATO said that “Article 4 has its preconditions in terms of the political independence and territorial integrity” of a NATO country.

None of these was present in this incident, he added.

The most relaxed reaction has come from representatives of the United States, who have been reluctant to apportion blame.

The US has no interest in a hot war with Russia, but they want to weaken Russia as a proxy.

In Poland, too, they probably knew immediately where the missile had come from because the military had seen it on their radar.

This is also shown by the statement of US President Biden, who said that the missile’s trajectory speaks against it coming from Russia.

The Polish government is bent on escalation but has apparently been called off by Washington.

 Maria Zakharova. (Photo internet reproduction)
Maria Zakharova. (Photo internet reproduction)

There is no other way to explain the 180-degree turn that the Polish government has made within 24 hours.


Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman known for her sharp tongue, wrote on Telegram about Zelensky and his machinations:

Zelensky is sitting in a bunker and cannot understand why his version about a ‘Russian missile in Poland’ is denied even by the fiercest Russophobes.

The bunkered man can’t grasp that he’s been put at the head of a gang of thugs in Ukraine to do the dirty work but not to dictate to his curators what to do.

Zakharova also commented on Poland’s strange behavior and its 180-degree turn on Telegram:

The Polish president has called the missile crash an “accident.”
Even yesterday, we heard the hysteria of Polish officials and politicians.

Won’t the Polish ministries that allowed themselves anti-Russian slanders and summoned Ambassador Andreyev at midnight apologize?”

* Thomas Röper, born in 1971, has held executive and supervisory board positions as an expert on Eastern Europe in financial services companies in Eastern Europe and Russia. His media-critical work focuses on the (media) image of Russia in Germany, criticism of Western media reporting in general, and the topics of (geo)politics and economics. He has lived in Russia for over 15 years and speaks fluent Russian. Today he lives in his adopted home of St. Petersburg.

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