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Everthing you need to know about treating brain tumors

, Everthing you need to know about treating brain tumors

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The main problem with brain tumors is that they are often located in the functionally significant or even vital regions of the central nervous system. Thus, the minimal damage to healthy brain tissue during tumor removal can have severe consequences.

For this reason, it is better to choose modern medical centers with experienced surgeons and minimally invasive equipment. Today you can easily find such hospitals in Europe. One of the leaders in the field of brain surgery is Germany.

Despite a large number of conventional treatments, there is nothing more effective than the surgical removal of a brain tumor.
Despite a large number of conventional treatments, there is nothing more effective than the surgical removal of a brain tumor. (Photo internet reproduction)

Due to the huge number of experienced neurosurgeons, patients from more than 50 countries come here for the cutting-edge treatment of brain neoplasms.


Despite a large number of conventional treatments, there is nothing more effective than the surgical removal of a brain tumor. This method is the most suitable for the early stages of brain neoplasms. Over the years, brain surgery has become more effective and less traumatic for healthy tissue.

Moreover, surgeons have learned to use robotic surgical systems to remove malignant neoplasms in the brain. Today, the ROSA (robotic operating surgical assistant) is one of the most precise in the world. Thanks to its use, the possibility of a human mistake during surgery is minimal, and, consequently, the risk of complications is reduced.

Unfortunately, robotic surgery is only available in countries with a high level of health care. Therefore, the only option for patients from other countries is to undergo it abroad.


The availability of modern equipment allows foreign hospitals to carry out treatment for brain tumors without surgery. These are cyberknife and proton therapy. As a rule, they are as effective as surgical treatment and are used when the malignant tumor is located in a hard-to-reach or vital brain region. These methods are successfully used in patients with glioblastoma.

Until recently, stage 4 glioblastoma treatment often was unsuccessful. Today, thanks to radiation surgery and advanced chemotherapy, treatment of glioblastoma multiforme can prolong a patient’s life for several years. And if the tumor was diagnosed at the early stage, the use of non-surgical treatments can give the patient with brain tumor up to 10 additional years of life.

Today, one of the most effective methods of treatment for brain tumors without surgery is proton beam therapy. Its main advantage is the ability to target the tumor cells without affecting healthy neurons. Due to its high precision, the rehabilitation after proton therapy for glioblastoma is quite short.


After the brain tumor treatment, a patient always needs to recover. To speed up this process, German hospitals are equipped with modern devices for physical rehabilitation. Comfortable conditions and attention of the healthcare professionals contribute to the beneficial results as well.

During the rehabilitation period, the patient’s health condition will be constantly monitored with the help of computerized equipment. The patient will only be discharged if he has fully recovered and there are no risks of the tumor possible metastases. For this purpose, final examinations are performed and recommendations for further follow-up are given.


It’s no secret that treatment in European hospitals is very different from treatment in other countries. That is why most patients choose to undergo treatment here. However, trying to arrange treatment abroad on their own, patients face many difficulties. The most common are high prices for medical services, as well as entrance restrictions due to Covid-19.

You can avoid all these obstacles by contacting the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Thanks to the direct communication with foreign hospitals, you will get treatment without any additional fees or extra charges.

Moreover, you will receive benefits, including the selection of the best physician, as well as assistance in obtaining visa and entrance permission. For more information about stage 4 glioblastoma treatment during the lockdown, visit Booking Health’s website.

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