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UN: food prices on the rise again

By Artur Piva

The latest United Nations (UN) survey on food prices shows that it became more expensive to eat in April.

According to the survey, sugar and meat are among the villains for the increase.

The survey is from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which monitors the monthly variation of average food prices all over the planet to form the FAO Food Price Index.

, UN: food prices on the rise again
Sugar is among the price increase villains (Photo internet reproduction)

In April, the FAO Food Price Index rose almost 1%, reaching just over 127 points.

The last rise occurred in March 2022, when the indicator reached an all-time high: 155 points.

Thus, the increase interrupted a sequence of almost 12 consecutive months of decline.

Besides having auxiliary indices that track meat and sugar, the FAO maintains three other secondary indicators to monitor food prices.

These are on dairy products, vegetable oils, and grains – all three recorded declines in April.

In the case of grains, the reduction could be even greater were it not for one item.

According to the UN agency, the decline in world prices for all major foodstuffs of this type offset the increase in the value of rice.

With information from Revista Oeste

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