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The II Meeting of the Madrid Forum in Peru

The city of Lima will host this Wednesday the II Regional Meeting of the Madrid Forum, an alliance promoted by Fundación Disenso in defense of freedom, whose main objective is to support Peruvians and their institutions to resist the offensive of the left, managed by the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group.

The event, which has generated enormous expectation in Peru – more than 800 people have registered to attend – will be attended by personalities from all countries of the Iberosphere, including 20 parliamentarians from eight countries that have signed the many statements of Foro Madrid in defense of democracy in Peru in recent months.

Fundación Disenso, The II Meeting of the Madrid Forum in Peru
The I Regional Meeting of the Madrid Forum in Bogotá, Colombia (Photo internet reproduction)

The spokesperson of VOX in the Assembly of Madrid and candidate for the regional presidency, Rocío Monasterio, will be in charge of the opening session.

She will be joined by the mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, one of the first signatories of the Madrid Letter.

The panel entitled ‘Peru under attack’ will include an introduction by jurist, historian, and professor Fernán Altuve.

And the participation of the following:

  • congressman of Renovación Popular and third vice-president of the Peruvian Congress, Alejandro Muñante;
  • congresswoman of Avanza País, Patricia Chirinos;
  • congresswoman of Fuerza Popular, Patricia Juárez;
  • congressman of Acción Popular, Wilson Soto;
  • and congresswoman of Alianza por el Progreso, Alejandro Soto.

Congress members and representatives of all Peruvian political parties that oppose Castillismo will be present as panelists and attendees.

Former Vice President Francisco Tudela and former Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion Juan Sheput will also participate with former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Ernesto Araújo.

They will analyze how CELAC and UNASUR “are once again putting themselves at the service of the tyrannies of the continent, given the power that leftist governments have accumulated in the region”.

The former president of the Council of Ministers, former president of the Congress, former ambassador to the OAS, Ántero Flores Araoz, and the former president of the Constitutional Court of Peru, Ernesto Blume Fortini, will participate with prominent jurists in a panel on the Inter-American jurisdiction.

Among the international panelists, who will speak on the role of the European Union in the region, are Hermann Tertsch, MEP and President of ECR-Eurolat, and Rob Roos (from the Netherlands).

International participants also include:

  • the coordinator of the Cuban Resistance Assembly, Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat;
  • the daughter of the former constitutional president and political prisoner of the Bolivian regime Jeanine Añez, Carolina Ribera Añez;
  • and the chief magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber of the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice, Miguel Ángel Martín.

They will discuss how tyrannies in the region are being radicalized under the auspices of Díaz-Canel in Havana, leveraged by the São Paulo Forum, the Puebla Group, and its related governments.

The meeting will end with a panel on how parliaments can be articulated as a new front of defense against the advance of regional communism and will be integrated by Colombian Senator María Fernanda Cabal and Congressmen José Carlos Meza and Eder Mejía from Chile and Honduras, respectively.

With information from LGI

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