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Prominent absences from Davos highlight agony of globalism

By Carlos Esteban

By now, the World Economic Forum, meeting in Davos, is becoming such an open and recurring conspiracy that it forces a lot of questions to be asked.

Why does this private organization make decisions for the entire planet, which governments then apply religiously, without any kind of responsibility or political representation?

Why do all these elected politicians go to their meetings, why do they devoutly follow their guidelines, why are they allowed to act with North Korean opacity and Coca-Cola advertising?

, Prominent absences from Davos highlight agony of globalism
The president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (Photo internet reproduction)

This week, 2,658 of those who claim the right to make decisions on behalf of 8 billion people are gathering in the picturesque Swiss town for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Protected by thousands of police and soldiers, this self-styled elite of the world – 2,658 attendees, including heads of state, the world’s leading corporate swordsmen, mainstream media and academic luminaries – have arrived in their private jets, which expel more CO2 than you will emit in his entire life, and he will enjoy all the luxuries – there will be no crickets on the menu, that is for the mob – while the global agenda for the coming year is imposed.

Your opinion, dear reader, does not matter at all.

Before the conference, the forum issued a “global risks report,” and in that report they created an entirely new term to describe the extreme chaos gripping our world right now: polycrisis.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2023 uses the term to explain how “present and future risks may also interact with each other to form a ‘polycrisis,’ a group of related global risks with combined effects, such that the overall impact exceeds the sum of each part.

But there is another crisis, much closer to its heart, that the forum should address: its parent ideology, globalism, is dying. He has two newscasts left, and the smartest already know it.

This year neither Soros nor Gates will be at the forum. What world conspiracy is that that does not have the presence of these parsleys of all sauces?

And, as for the leaders of nations, there is only Scholz, poor thing, rulers of irrelevant countries, like Spain, and stop counting.

Nobody buys their damaged merchandise anymore, and although their control over the rulers of the West is still frightening, a global system with so many absences, especially China and Russia, cannot be imposed.

And with them a majority of humanity (in population, at least and by a landslide) that is discreetly turning its back on an Anglosphere plus its community vassals that each time has less weight on the planet.

Davos is a scam, crude but it cuts to the chase.

It’s funny to hear its founder talking like an evil genius from a James Bond movie with that German accent that could be cut with a knife and making our hair stand on end with his future plans for all of us.

But the king is naked and the story goes elsewhere. If we eat crickets, it won’t be because his model has been imposed, but because they have ruined us with his ecological fantasies.

With information from LGI

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