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Video shows police officers inviting protesters to enter national Congress in Brasilia

A video is circulating on social networks where Shock Troop police officers allow and even invite protesters to enter the Congress during the protests last Sunday (Jan. 8).

In the images, demonstrators climb the stairs of the Congress chanting and find the Shock Troop already positioned inside the building.

The police officers offer no resistance to the protesters, who applaud the agents and return the friendly gestures: “This is for us, guys.

“It was not an invasion,” said a social network profile commenting on the video, which began circulating last Monday (Jan. 9) after STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest of 1.5 thousand people for “terrorist acts,” including children and the elderly.

Moraes has already blamed the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), and the command of the Military Police of the DF for the invasion but has not commented on the fact that the Lula government has not acted despite being warned in advance about the possibility of invasion.

Furthermore, nothing has been said by the security agencies about the numerous videos in which demonstrators appear to denounce the presence of infiltrators in the demonstration.


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