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Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’

By Fernando Salles

(Opinion) News outlets worldwide have never given deserved prominence to the atrocities happening in Brazil since mid-2019.

The international media is in total harmony with the Brazilian mainstream press.

The world disinformation network is committed to reversing the order of events and criminalizing the victims of the new Tupiniquim regime.

outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
The cubanization of Brazil is already a reality (Photo internet reproduction)

Few dare to report the reality. Even the conservative Fox News has run into some narratives distorted by the American left.

By the impetus of their profession, the rare journalists who decide to describe the Brazilian scenario as the globalist militancy are immediately massacring it.

The most recent example is the American Glenn Greenwald, a convinced leftist who was bothered by the recent decisions of Justice Alexandre de Moraes and decided, to everyone’s surprise, to defend the freedom of expression of Brazilians.

However, Greenwald is a drop in the ocean. The world still does not know that Brazil has cubanized.

The information that reaches foreign viewers is just lies or distorted.

While Brazilian political prisoners are ignored or become footnotes labeled as criminals, controversial little figures like globalist Greta Thunberg gain prominence as saviors of the world.

We cubanized in silence for three or four years.

The planet did not hear the cries for help coming from here. Everything happened between four walls.

Last Tuesday (Jan. 24), the dictator of Cuba, Miguel Diáz-Canel, published a photo in which he appears smiling next to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva after an informal meeting between the leaders of the left.

The message that the image transmitted to the world, and especially to Brazilians, was: there are no differences between the Brazilian government and the communist dictatorships established around the globe.

The symbiosis between Lula, Diáz-Canel, Maduro, Fernández, Xi Jinping, Boric, and other red comrades is visible.

This evil union has the potential to generate a global catastrophe.

Now, if the much-dreamed-of Latin American integration gets off the drawing board – and everything indicates that it will soon – we may experience in the coming year’s something similar to the defunct Soviet Union.

This possibility has been driving the São Paulo Forum since its foundation in 1990, and there is no reason to believe this plan will be forgotten or abandoned.


outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
Lula next to Cuban dictator Miguel Diáz-Canel (Photo internet reproduction)

The smiling man next to Lula has followed the teachings of his predecessors, Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro, to the letter.

Miguel Diáz-Canel took on the difficult mission of enslaving the Cuban people to a communist dictatorship.

The result of his administration could not be more satisfactory to the oppressive eyes of the Castro family. Diáz-Canel has succeeded in maintaining the high totalitarian standard.

In 2021, under his regime, journalist Orelvys Cabrera was arrested and jailed for more than a month for participating in protests against the Cuban regime.

In an interview with Jornal da Record, Cabrera reported that the conditions were inhumane in prison.

“It was desperate. I stayed 33 days in a tiny cell without oxygen. There were ten other men inside; some people tested positive for coronavirus. I didn’t have any medical assistance.”

Cuban reporter Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca was also arrested the same year and sentenced to 5 years in prison for his news coverage.

Valle Roca was sentenced, with three other opponents of the dictatorship, sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of “enemy propaganda of a continuing character” and “enemy propaganda” against the Cuban regime.

outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
Cuban journalist and activist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca – imprisoned since June 2021 – was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the crimes of “continuing enemy propaganda” for calling for free elections (Photo internet reproduction)

Cases of political persecution like those of Valle Roca and Cabrera are routine on the communist island. In Brazil, the list of communication professionals who are victims of censorship and ideological persecution has grown rampant since the opening of the “Fake News Inquiry.”

One of the most famous cases is that of journalist Allan dos Santos, owner of the Terça Livre Channel, which has become the largest conservative media outlet in Latin America.

Asiled in the United States since 2020, shortly before having his arrest decreed by Justice Alexandre de Moraes, the communicator, who has been away from his wife and children since then, is dedicated to opposing the left and denouncing the arbitrariness of the Brazilian judiciary.

outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
The press harassed Allan dos Santos after the Federal Police operation in his home (Photo internet reproduction)

Jackson Vieira Rangel, a journalist from Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES), was arrested at the end of last year, by order of Moraes, during a Federal Police operation that carried out 23 search and seizure warrants and four arrest warrants.

outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
Journalist Jackson Vieira Rangel (Photo internet reproduction)

The reporter, who worked for a traditional newspaper in the state, was accused of “inciting hatred” in his texts.

Radio broadcaster Roque Saldanha, from Governador Valadares (MG), also went to jail for his posts on social networks.

An opponent of the Lula government, Saldanha was accused of “attempted coup, threat, persecution, incitement to crime, criminal association, and try to abolish the Democratic State of Law violently.

outlets worldwide, Opinion: The world still does not know that Brazil has ‘cubanized’
Radioman Roque Saldanha, before being arrested, next to former president Jair Bolsonaro (Photo internet reproduction)

The cubanization of Brazil is already a reality. We are heading toward the socialist precipice under the baton of Lula.

The unbalanced maestro conducts a funeral orchestra that would be the soundtrack to the worst horror movies we have ever seen.

With information from Gazeta Brasil

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