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The Hungarian pro-life model leads the way and disturbs abortionists

By Javier Villamor

The recent controversy over García-Gallardo’s emphasis in Castilla y León for pregnant women to have access to all possible information before having an abortion has shown the true face of the hegemonic left in Spain.

Manipulated headlines, debates on a non-existent proposal, propagandistic proclamations, and long etcetera serve to understand what we are facing and what is one of their red lines.

The first thing is fair to emphasize: it is not an anti-abortion measure. By this, I mean that it does not serve to eliminate or reduce the current time limits for abortion, nor does it even affect the current surgical procedure.

proclamations, The Hungarian pro-life model leads the way and disturbs abortionists
Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán (Photo internet reproduction)

What it does affect is the woman’s ability to think, which nowadays is being minimized as much as possible amidst false feminist slogans and certain economic interests.

No one says that this decision is taken lightly -except for some, as we can see in certain videos on TikToks and other social networks-.

What’s more, we know that it is not an easy decision and that, however much they deny it, the risks are much greater than they claim.

Certain abortion pills can cause fatal hemorrhages and certain interventions can cause organ tears that will permanently affect fertility.

The psychological effects cannot be left out.

Regarding the latter, many have argued that this information is already offered, whether or not it is at the woman’s request.

So what is it that bothers them? What is it that disturbs them?

Is it perhaps the fact that highlighting a procedure that already existed but that perhaps was not known is not to their liking?

Or perhaps the fact that it can – or should – be offered in a compulsory manner by the physician while respecting the option that the woman chooses later on?

Both situations lead one to think that what is to be avoided is doubt -or more doubt than is allowed by abortionists-.

As if this were not enough, it is worth remembering that Irene Montero wants to eliminate conscientious objection for doctors in the case of abortion. In other words, they will be forced to perform abortions but they cannot be forced to offer a simple 4D or fetal heartbeat ultrasound.

Does no one see the incoherence in this?

And I repeat that we are not campaigning to attack abortion clinics or to put women who have abortions in jail. We are only talking about medical tests and they are already like that.

Imagine how far there is to go.


The main point of this article is, therefore, to show that it is not necessary to go against abortion policies to reduce abortion.

It is not even necessary to mention it. What is at issue (and they know it, that is why they oppose it) is to offer viable non-invasive alternatives – neither psychological nor physical – so that women (and also men, since the child is also theirs) can protect the life of the unborn child and receive aid that does not currently exist to favor the birth rate of Spaniards.

The example to follow in this respect is Hungary.

There is no need for extraordinary or radical measures.

Something as simple as financially favoring young married couples with a loan of up to €30,000 that is not repaid after the second child, the elimination of personal income tax for women after the third child, or the cancellation of student debt for women who have been mothers during their studies before moving on to the last cycle cannot be called “ultra-right” measures.

These are the real feminist policies and not the current ones of the Ministry of Equality, among others.

Between 2010 and 2015, a 23% reduction in abortion was achieved in Hungary, which meant more than 9,000 lives were saved.

They may not seem many compared to the 100,000 abortions per year in our country but, if we consider that Hungary has a slightly larger population than Catalonia or Andalusia, the perception changes considerably.

If we talk about marriages, the numbers have not stopped growing and that is good news for the stability of the country.

Am I saying that it is not possible to have children out of wedlock? No.

Am I saying that a marriage stabilizes a relationship in a general way and that it helps children grow up in a desirable environment for their proper development? Yes.

Aren’t there marriages that have failed and that getting married does not always indicate stability? Yes.

But the important thing is to understand that marriages form the family nuclei necessary for a society to grow with strong roots. Attacks on the family can only be understood in this sense.

There is nothing more primary in terms of protection than a family. Some want the family to be the state, but for others, not for themselves.

Now, if we look at the ratio of births in the last 50 years, it has not stopped going down. It coincides with the general trend in the West.

Life expectancy has also improved in recent years, and that also helps to form families because it generates the feeling that the right decisions are being made politically and economically.

According to the World Bank, in the last 10 years, the birth rate has increased by 0.4 points per woman, from 1.2 to 1.6.

It is still 0.5 points below what is necessary for generational renewal, as I pointed out in a previous article, but it undoubtedly shows that the measures applied are working and that the demographic winter ravaging Europe can be reversed to some extent.

Spain has 1.2 counting massive immigration.

This last point is very important.

They said that thanks to massive immigration we could recover the birth rate we have lost, that they would come to pay our pensions… although we have already seen that all this is false. Pure propaganda to sell us something that was unacceptable a few years ago.

Is this an anti-immigration plea? No. So we can recover in terms of birth rate by ourselves? Yes.

Conservative Hungarian policies have dismantled two myths: the myth that the birth rate is irrecoverable on our own and the myth of mass immigration to have the children we cannot have.

The whole house of cards of the left wing collapses with just these proposals.

Perhaps this is why they are so nervous about any hint of such a thing in Spain. I think it is obvious, and we have only just begun.

There is no need to touch abortion -for now-.

That many women have abortions for economic reasons? Let’s see how to help them.

That they cannot combine motherhood with studying? Let’s see how to help them.

No one is hating women for defending this.

This reasoning is only possible in a sick mind or one poisoned by hate. Of course, these measures can and should be restricted for nationals because, otherwise, other problems would be aggravated.

This is pure logic, although some will see racism. And not only this.

It must be accompanied by a change of general mentality, of understanding motherhood as a blessing and not as a punishment, of putting an end to the politically exploited hatred between men and women, of encouraging and building again a harmonious society that understands that the daily work of each one well done helps the nation as a whole, of a revitalized education, based on meritocracy and the search for excellence…

Hungary has shown that it can be done. It is just a matter of getting started.

With information from LGI

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