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The hidden origins of the human race – exactly how old is humanity?

, The hidden origins of the human race – exactly how old is humanity?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Exactly how old is humanity? What does archaeology tell us? How can it be so wrong?

Michael Cremo, co-author of the seminal works Forbidden Archaeology and The Hidden History of the Human Race – is one of the foremost experts on the origins of humanity within the archaeological record.

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He ably demonstrates that history is considerably older than we are being told. Moreover, there has been a conspiracy to cover up facts for over 200 years.

Out-of-place artifacts and considerable amounts of advanced stone implements have been found in deep geological layers across the world, telling us that intelligent humans existed as much as ten million years ago, and arguably even earlier still.

Moreover, Vedic and Puranic texts from the ancient East back up these claims, explaining exactly what level of the advancement our most distant ancestors achieved.

Michael will present the very latest evidence to show that there have been many cycles of humanity and that on occasions our ancestors have achieved incredibly high levels of both human behavior and even civilization.


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