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Brazil’s Reserve military warns of the risk of social upheaval – things are getting serious now

By Vinicius Sales

In a letter released this Saturday (Nov. 26), the military reserve of the Armed Forces said the Supreme Court (STF) is hurting the democratic foundations of the country by usurping the exclusive powers of the Executive and Legislative.

The group also cites the way the ministers handled suggestions for improving the electoral process, qualified as “without the minimum conditions that attest to its security, transparency, veracity, traceability.”

“Unfortunately, the body that should manifest itself technically and transparently about these and any other future inquiries remains silent, ignoring the request of the citizens,” reads an excerpt.

Army headquarter, Brasília. (Photo internet reproduction)
Army headquarter, Brasília. (Photo internet reproduction)

“It is notorious that we are experiencing a serious institutional crisis in the face of the fact that the organs of the Judiciary, such as the STF and the Superior Electoral Court TSE, have been systematically placing themselves above the laws and their own powers, encroaching on the powers of other powers, as repeatedly stated by learned jurists,” says the letter.

They also allege that the Brazilian population feels “helpless, intimidated and with their hands tied”, asking the military for help.

The officers consider that the population wants the guarantee that their will, “democratic and sovereign, is carried out through reliable elections, with transparent processes, that can be audited and tracked at all stages.”

If the political scenario continues the way it is, the country runs a “high risk” of entering into social upheaval.

“The antecedents presented previously already indicate, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are living in a regime of exception,” they said.

The group also says there are potential threats to national security in the Brazilian voting system, “which can in no way be ignored.”

“The time has come for the authorities and the Brazilian people to know that the Armed Forces will not accept having a candidate, whoever he may be, with any doubts about the legitimacy of choice, free and sovereign of the will of the majority, as advocated by the Constitution,” the military warns.

“Under penalty of suffering a fratricidal convulsion, with extremely harmful results and unpredictable consequences for the sovereignty and national security of the country.”

The following reserve military personnel signed the letter:

Brigadier General (Federal Deputy) Elieser Girão Monteiro Filho;

Lieutenant Brigadier Adnir Siqueira Viana;

Lieutenant Brigadier Antônio Gomes Leite Filho

Lieutenant Brigadier Gilberto Burnier

Lieutenant Brigadier João Manoel Sandim

Lieutenant Brigadier Neimar Dieguez Barreiro

Lieutenant Brigadier Paulo Roberto Rohrig Britto

Lieutenant Brigadier Ricardo Vieira Machado

Vice Admiral Antonio Carlos Frade Carneiro

Vice Admiral FN Carlos Alfredo Vicente Leitão

Major Brigadier Cezar Ney Britto de Mello

Major Brigadier Eliseu Mendes Barbosa

Major Brigadier Hermano Paes Vianna

Major Brigadier Jaime Rodrigues Sanchez;

Vice Admiral José Geraldo Fernandes Nunes

Major Brigadier José Orlando Bellon

Major Brigadier Juvenal de Macedo Filho;

Vice Admiral Lucio Franco de Sá Fernandes;

Major Brigadier Luiz Antonio Pinto Machado

Major Brigadier Nelson Teixeira Pinto;

Division General Newton Álvares Breide

Major Brigadier Nilson Soilet Carminati;

Division General Sérgio Retumba;

Major Brigadier Telles Ribeiro

Major Brigadier Vilmar Gargalhone

Major Brigadier Walacir Cheriegate

Major Brigadier Washington Campos Machado

Major Brigadier Wilmar Terroso Freitas;

Brigadier Alemander Jesus Pereira Filho;

Brigadier Ayrton Duque Estrada Seraphim

Brigadier Carlos Eduardo da Costa Monteiro;

Rear Admiral Carlos Frederico Vasconcellos da Silva

Brigadier Carlos Geraldo dos Santos Porto;

Rear Admiral Cesar Sidonio Daiha Moreira de Souza

Brigadier Eliezer Negri;

Rear Admiral IM Jamil Meron Filho

Rear Admiral João Arthur do Carmo Hildebrandt;

Brigadier José Eduardo Xavier

Brigadier José Montigomeri Mello Rebouças;

Brigadier Leci Oliveira Peres;

Brigadier Luiz Carlos Lebeis Pires Filho;

Rear Admiral MD Luiz Roberto Martins Dias

Rear Admiral Márcio Tadeu Francisco Neves

Brigadier Maximino Mendes de Oliveira Júnior

Brigadier Máximo Ballatore Roland

Brigadier Nélson Vitalli Pazzini;

Sea and War Captain EN Alexandre Alves Santiago;

Sea and War Captain MD Alexandre Cherman;

Aeronautics Col. Amaury Fernandes Abud

Army Col. Antonio Almerio Ferreira Diniz Filho;

Sea and War Captain IM Antonio Amâncio Ramalho;

Aeronautics Col. Antônio Celente Videira;

Sea and War Captain Antonio Lúcio Travaglia;

Sea and War Captain FN Antonio Marcelo Pereira Lobato;

Aeronautics Col. Atila Miranda

Aeronautics Col. Carlos Alberto Vieira de Souza

Aeronautics Col. Carlos Alberto Ribeiro Sanchez;

Sea and War Captain Carlos Barbosa Faillace

Aeronautics Col. Carlos Casado Lima

Sea and War Captain FN Carlos Custódio França

Sea and War Captain Carlos Eduardo Gutschow Palhas;

Aeronautics Col. Celso Tavares

Sea and War Captain Cicero da Silva Santos

Sea and War Captain Claudio da Costa Braga;

Sea and War Captain Claudio Roberto Gonzalez;

Sea and War Captain Claudio Rogério de Andrade Flôr;

Aeronautics Col. Cleber Neves Junior;

Sea and War Captain Daniel Silvino Costa Nogueira;

Sea and War Captain Delfos Polycarpo Damião;

Sea and War Captain Diogenes de Moraes Selasco Júnior;

Sea and War Captain Edmilson de Queiroz Matos;

Sea and War Captain Eduardo Dias da Cruz Filho;

Air Force Colonel Eduardo Sebastião de Paiva Vidual;

Aeronautics Col. Eduardo Villanova Corrêa

Aeronautics Col. Etraud de Figueiredo Filho

Air Force Colonel Evandro Ribeiro da Silva

Aeronautics Colonel Fernando Cerdeira

Aeronautics Col. Fernando da Cunha Machado Costa;

Sea and War Captain Fernando Lessa Gomes;

Captain Fernando Villa Alvarez;

Aeronautics Col. Flávio Kauffmann;

IM Sea and War Captain Francisco Brito Fernandes;

Aeronautics Col. Francisco José Degrazia Dellamora;

Sea and War Captain QC FN Gabriel Mascarenhas Monteiro;

Army Col. Geraldo Figueira

Army Colonel Germano Bordon Junior;

Sea and War Captain Gilberto Richter;

Sea and War Captain Glênio Fernando Daniel;

Aeronautics Col. Gromori Vasconcellos de Andrade;

Sea and War Captain FN Guilherme Gonzaga;

Sea and War Captain Hamilton de Carvalho Burd;

Aeronautics Col. Haroldo Pinho de Figueiredo

Sea and War Captain Helio Camargo de Toledo Pires;

Aeronautics Col. Hugo Moura

Aeronautics Col. Humberto Rodrigues de Oliveira;

Sea and War Captain FN Irineu Martins de Oliveira;

Sea and War Captain FN Italo de Melo Pinto;

Sea and War Captain Italo Gama Franco Monsores;

Sea and War Captain Ivan Cardim da Silva;

Army Col. Ivo Vitale Menezes

Sea and War Captain Jairo Bezerril Fontenelle;

Sea and War Captain João Antonio de Souza Neto;

Sea and War Captain FN João Antonio Salgueiro Rodrigues;

Air Force Colonel João Augusto Nini de Campos;

Navy Captain IM João Carlos Maciel Galvão;

João José Pereira Pinto Aeronautics Col;

Aeronautics Col. João Pereira Novaes Neto;

Army Col. Jorge da Rocha Santos;

Sea and War Captain Jorge Ferreira dos Santos;

Aeronautics Col. Jorge Luiz Vescia Lunkes;

Sea and War Captain Jose Alberto Cal Rodrigues;

Sea and War Captain EN José Assucena Neto;

Sea and War Captain José Bruno Franco Teixeira;

Sea and War Captain FN José Carlos da Luz;

Sea and War Captain FN José Carlos Linares Bastos;

Air Force Colonel José Danilo Franklin de Souza;

Sea and War Captain José Eduardo Amaral Leal;

Army Col. José Fernando Martins de Souza

Air Force Colonel José Luiz Kraemer;

Aeronautics Col. José Maelson Gadelha Barbosa

Aeronautics Col. José Maria Bittencourt Lopes;

Aeronautics Captain José Vanni Filho;

Air Force Colonel Julio Antonio de Souza e Almeida

Air Force Colonel Julio Cezar Rozenberg

Aeronautics Colonel Luis Alberto Ferreira Muniz;

Sea and War Captain Luis Fernando Carvalho dos Santos;

Aeronautics Colonel Luiz Claudio Fernandes Quadra

Air Force Colonel Luiz de Mello Maia Filho;

Aeronautics Colonel Luiz Felipe de Mattos Saback

Aeronautics Colonel Luiz Fernando Benincasa Corrêa

Air Force Colonel Luiz Fernando Póvoas da Silva

Luiz Fernando Regnier Marques;

Sea and War Captain EN Luiz Otávio Ribeiro Carneiro;

Luiz Paulo da Silva Costa, Aeronautics Col;

Sea and War Captain Luiz Rafael Mansano;

Sea and War Captain Marcelo William Monteiro da Silva;

Aeronautics Col. Marcio Bastos Moreira

Aeronautics Col. Marcio Marques Soares

Brazilian Navy Captain Marco Antonio Nepomuceno Da Costa;

Aeronautics Col. Marco Arthur de Marco Rangel

Navy Captain Marco Aurelio de Almeida Lanzellotti;

Aeronautics Col. Marco Aurélio dos Santos Coelho

Sea and War Captain Marco Polo Áureo Cerqueira de Souza;

Sea and War Captain Marcos Roza de Abreu;

Sea and War Captain Marcus Vinicius Guerra;

Lieutenant Colonel Mário Antônio da Silva;

Sea and War Captain FN Mário Márcio Pimentel de Freitas;

Aeronautics Col. Mário Márcio Ramos Teixeira

Air Force Colonel Maurício Andrade Corrêa da Silva;

Sea and War Captain Mauricio de Menezes Cordeiro;

Sea and War Captain FN Maurício Miranda Ribeiro;

Sea and War Captain Murilo Marques Galvão de Queiroz;

Sea and War Captain Nelicio José Lopes de Almeida;

Aeronautics Col. Nelson Luiz Nogueira de Carvalho

Aeronautics Col. Nelson Vitalli Pazzine;

Sea and War Captain Nilson Amaral;

Air Force Colonel Pablo Morosino Lopes;

Air Force Colonel Paulo Cezar de Souza Lima;

Sea and War Captain FN Paulo Roberto Borges de Santana;

Army Colonel Paulo Sergio Augusto do Amaral;

Sea and War Captain FN Paulo Sergio de Carvalho Chagas;

Air Force Colonel Pedro Alberto da Silva Alvarenga;

Air Force Colonel Pedro Bittencourt de Almeida

Air Force Colonel Pedro Celestino Angelo de Oliveira Filho

Aeronautics Col. Pedro Humberto Lobato Benedito;

Sea and War Captain Persio Soares Souto;

Sea and War Captain Ricardo de Lima Vallim;

Aeronautics Col. Ricardo Domingues de Mattos;

Sea and War Captain FN Ricardo Wagner de Castilho Sá;

Aeronautics Col. Rinaldo Nery da Hora

Air Force Colonel Roberto Cezar Salvado Fleury Curado

Air Force Colonel Romualdo Barbosa Santos

Army Colonel Ronaldo Lima dos Santos

Aeronautics Col. Rothday Zany Marques;

Sea and War Captain FN Rui Alexandre Sabatke Gutierrez

Aeronautics Col. Selmar Luiz Altomar

Air Force Colonel Sérgio João Galhardo;

Air Force Colonel Sérgio Leal da Costa;

Aeronautics Captain Sonilon Vieira Leite

Aeronautics Col. Ubirajara Fernandes da Cunha;

Sea and War Captain Ulisses Felipe Camardella;

Sea and War Captain Valdir de Souza e Silva;

Air Force Colonel Vanio de Figueiredo Crispim;

Sea and War Captain Victor Alberto de Castro e Antunes Junior;

Sea and War Captain Wagner de Abreu Oliveira;

Aeronautics Colonel Waldir Almeida de Lima;

Sea and War Captain Walter Mesiano Savastano Junior;

Sea and War Captain FN Wilson Luiz de Lima Neves

Frigate Captain Antonio Fernando Batista Santos

Frigate Captain T Carlos Itagiba Paes Barbosa;

Aeronautics Lieutenant Colonel Cezar Roberto Menezes Bunn;

Frigate Captain IM Frederico Augusto Andrade Viégas;

Frigate Captain FN Frederico Rodrigues dos Santos;

Aeronautics Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Carvalho Azzi;

Frigate Captain Hilton Luiz Mascarenhas

Aeronautics Lieutenant Colonel José Carlos Delphino;

Frigate Captain Kleber Khayat dos Santos Araújo

Frigate Captain Laudice Di Palma;

Frigate Captain FN Luís Renato Joras de Oliveira;

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mario Cesar S Moreira;

Aeronautics Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Rodrigues Farias;

Frigate Captain Omar Temer Junior

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Paulo Arsand Neto;

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Paulo Cesar Fonseca Viana;

Aeronautics Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Alves Rodriguez;

IM Corvette Captain Cláudio Antonio de Paula Camargo;

Aeronautics Major Iran Domingue

Aeronautics Major Robson Junger Maruoka

Aeronautics Major Marcos Duarte Lins

Aeronautics Major Reinaldo Leone Kede

Aeronautics Major Sebastião Murilio Domiciano Pinto;

Aeronautics Captain Alberto Cezar Greiffo da Justa Menescal;

Air Force Captain Ayrton Menna Barreto;

Aeronautics Captain Danilo Garcia;

Aeronautics Captain Marcelo Duarte Lins;

Aeronautics Captain Marcos da Silva;

Aeronautics Captain Paulo Roberto Urpia Lima;

Aeronautics Captain Paulo Winz;

Aeronautics 1st Lt. Gilberto de Oliveira Padilha

Navy 2nd Lieutenant Antonio Carlos Mendonça Nunes; and

Air Force 2nd Lieutenant Rodrigo Otávio Villa-Forte Gomes da Silva.

With information from BSM (BrasilSemMedo)

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