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Opinion: watch this short documentary to understand why millions of Brazilians don’t believe in their electoral justice

By Fernando Conrado

(Opinion) Brazilian freedom activist Fernando Conrado released a short documentary today titled “Knowing the following facts can determine your freedom for the rest of your life,” in which he explains that in Brazil, people face a massive risk of losing their sovereignty.

He describes how, since 2019, several orchestrated moves have been organized in Brazil.

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Their main goal, says the author, is to manipulate people’s thinking and deprive them of their own choices by silencing alternative narratives, censoring leading opposition voices, and much more.

He presents a chronology of facts centered on the country’s electoral high court, called the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which is supposed to moderate the struggle between the parties as an independent, impartial body, exempt from any political side, but did the exact opposite, according to Conrado.

The TSE is described as having been extrapolating its functions and creating a front with dozens of entities to manipulate information, inhibiting people’s freedom of expression.

To all this is added the legal maneuver to release a man sentenced by several judges to run for president, the censorship established by the TSE for journalists, outlets, and social media on one side only, so Conrado.

Download this video here.

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