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Opinion: The truth according to the Brazilian Spring protest movement

By Raul Levinson

(Opinion) Since Jan. 8, the day of the invasion of the buildings of the three Powers in Brasilia much has been written about these events.

Comparisons with the run on the U.S. Capitol were quickly at hand; mainstream media and politicians spoke of terror, crime, criminal organizations, and severe punishment.

A ruthless crackdown on the protest movement is underway, even though we are dealing with one of the most important grassroots movements Brazil has ever seen.

To believe that such a significant movement can be silenced by repression shows great political immaturity and astonishing naiveté.

(Watch the video to know about their ‘truth’)

The Lula government has already locked up 1500 people, humiliated them, and left them to stew in flawed premises without due process.

Post-January 8 arrests in Brazil have already broken the record set by the military regime.

At the same time, the government has taken on the victim role to gain more credibility with the people at home and in the international arena.

And what do the leaders of the Brazilian Spring protest movement say?

Watch this video that shows the ‘truth’ of the thinkers of those who held out for two months in front of the barracks to denounce an alleged electoral fraud of Lula da Silva and who today are unilaterally labeled as right-wing extremists and terrorists.

The Lula government will continue to work on language manipulation to alter public perception of the movement so that, in the end, it can be classified as a terrorist organization.

Then they can do whatever they want with them, and it will all be legal.

According to rough estimates, this ‘terrorist organization’ already comprises more than 35% of the Brazilian population, and the more it is suppressed, the more it will grow.

We would all do well to take the time to listen to them and learn about their point of view.

Only then will we maybe understand why Brazil is not on the road to peaceful times.

Brazil is already burning, and since the government is doing nothing to extinguish the fire, I recommend to fasten the seatbelts.


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