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Opinion: the great awakening of humanity begins in Brazil

By Flycode, Richard Mann, Reinhard Schroeder

(Opinion) There is no turning back; it is all or nothing for Brazil.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes has blocked the accounts of several farmers and trucking companies and imposed fines of up to 1,000,000 reais (US$170,000) for participating in the demonstration for military intervention.

For this reason, all truck drivers throughout Brazil have stopped indefinitely.

Either the people will get the military intervention once and for all, or Brazil will sink into endless chaos.

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Nothing will be left to buy in the supermarkets in a few days. The warning will also go out to the world because we know everything is connected.

The Earth Alliance is working together synchronously.

(Truckers in Brazil are getting into a position to paralyze the entire country.)

If the military takes power in Brazil, it will trigger a domino effect in other countries.

Their militaries will also take power to protect their respective nations.

We are writing these lines because of Brazil’s current political situation and events. These events have the potential to make a significant contribution to the awakening of all humanity because they have an international dimension that cannot be overestimated.

Many of these consequences will already unfold step by step in the coming days and weeks.

Brazil is at a point in its history where the current presidential election is no longer just about the electoral platform of one side or the other, about right versus left or other traditional distinctions, but about the continuation of the overriding values of freedom, self-determination, human dignity, and democracy.

In our view, in the medium to long term, it is even about the continued existence of the Brazilian nation as a sovereign state and the world order that is transitioning from a unipolar to a multipolar model.

On the spiritual level, this goes hand in hand with the initial ignition of a quantum leap in the development of humanity and the expansion of human consciousness.

After these preliminary remarks, now to the current events in Brazil.

Evidence has emerged of systematic electoral fraud in Oct. 2 (first round) and Oct. 30 (runoff) presidential elections.

Independent audits based on the official data provided by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court TSE using different methods of analysis provide such serious evidence of manipulation that we would like to make it available here and here and here so that everyone can form their own opinion on it.

An anonymous group of IT experts and mathematicians produced the first source in English.

The authors had to remain anonymous because questioning the election results alone has become a punishable offense in Brazil.

The authors of this review conclude that their mathematical method (Newcomb-Benford’s Law), which they used for this purpose and which is also recognized by Brazilian institutions, obtained appropriate results.

This provides sufficient warnings to make an even more detailed audit seem imperative since Brazil’s national sovereignty is at stake against the backdrop of visible and tangible international interests.

The second source is a table with an excerpt of data from the official website of the Brazilian Electoral Court.

There, anomalies are listed from polls where candidate Bolsonaro received zero votes or vote shares in single digits.

In the opposite case, no ballot box has yet been identified where candidate Lula da Silva received less than 21.6%.

Brazilians and Canadians have one thing in common. They both stand up against a system that step by step wants to introduce a system of oppression. (Photo internet reproduction)
Brazilians and Canadians have one thing in common. They both stand up against authorities that, step by step, want to introduce a system of oppression. (Photo internet reproduction)

In the most recent development, the TSE appears to have deleted the ballot boxes with zero votes from the database.

The third source is a private audit by another group of experts with a different approach.

This audit was presented live via YouTube. The video has since been blocked there.

It can still be viewed at this link. A PDF document with the presentation slides is also available.

The video is in Spanish with a Portuguese translation. The presentation is in Portuguese.

Because of the threat of punishment, this video had to be broadcast from Argentina.

The content can be summarized as follows: There are 5 models of electronic urns in Brazil.

The only ballot boxes with a possibility of the audit are the latest models from 2020, which also show normal behavior with an expected distribution between the two presidential candidates, Lula da Silva and Bolsonaro.

Brazil has five electoral regions. Bolsonaro won four of them.

In the only region Lula won, the Northeast of the country, Bolsonaro got about 37% of the vote at the latest polls.

But at all other polls, which are not auditable, only about 25% of the vote. These discrepancies increase even more in small towns in the hinterlands of the Northeast.

The result in the Northeast ultimately turned Bolsonaro’s lead in the other four regions into a deficit at the national level (final official result 50.9% Lula and 49.1% Bolsonaro).

(This is the sentiment felt by a rapidly growing number of Brazilians)

Due to the severe evidence of electoral fraud, the opacity of the electoral process, the use of state censorship measures, and the highly polarizing nature of the campaign, people in Brazil are taking to the streets first in the hundreds of thousands, then in the millions and very soon in the tenth of millions.

The largest demonstrations in Brazil’s history are currently underway.

The crowds are gathering, especially in front of the barracks of the armed forces.

However, these people are not concerned with bringing about a military coup or sending tanks into the streets but rather with an audit of the result independent of the electoral court TSE.

In their perception, this court is highly biased and corrupt.

The military has the know-how and the technical and human resources to conduct such an audit.

This possibility to audit is covered by the Brazilian Constitution and was announced by the president during the election campaign.

In particular, the military can also go into action when the security and sovereignty of the Brazilian state are threatened.

And the Brazilian Constitution explicitly states that if there is a dispute over the separation of powers, as is now developing as the highest Judiciary, the Brazilian Supreme Court, under the leadership of Alexandre de Moraes, censors members of the legislative and executive branches, the military must arbitrate that dispute.

Thus, the mere suspicion of corrupting the electoral process constitutionally allows for this possibility.

The Defense Ministry’s audit of the electronic ballot boxes said on its 65 pages, “We believe there are certain things that we were not allowed to audit that look potentially fraudulent.”

They didn’t say it was a fraud because the Superior Electoral Court, TSE, prevented them from doing a proper audit.

TSE has denied the armed forces access to the equipment
TSE has denied the armed forces access to specification data
TSE has denied the armed forces access to source codes

The TSE is a subsidiary court of the Brazilian Supreme Court STF.

And not coincidentally, it was headed by the same figure, Alexandre de Moraes, who is the public enemy No. 1 for liberals in Brazil, left and right.

Moraes behaves like a judicial tyrant, dictating legislation and/or the Judiciary. He puts journalists in jail and changes laws, even though the STF does not have the legal right to do so.

Under the Brazilian Constitution, it is also the military’s responsibility to review elections when fraud and irregularities are suspected.

Meanwhile, the TSE prevented the military from auditing, and now the STF openly discusses the need to arrest the defense minister.

(This young Brazilian woman sums it up)

They are doing this because they know that the military is on the side of the people. People are protesting in front of military barracks for a reason.

If the Brazilian press takes up the issue, the demonstrations are portrayed as an attack on democracy.

The word you can read everywhere over and over again in all the old media is anti-democratic when it comes to the protests that are already being called ‘The Brazilian Spring’.

It is written that people are demanding military intervention, but not why.

On Friday night, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão called a spade a spade.

He wrote on Twitter:

Unfortunately, today in Brazil, we are witnessing a violation of the federal pact committed by the highest authority of the Judiciary.

Unconstitutional and illegal measures are decided monocratically and attack federal autonomy.

Therefore, it will not be easy for the old media in Brazil and elsewhere to continue to deny the popular uprising, the Brazilian Spring, and its causes.

It doesn’t matter whether the old established media talk about it.

Alternative media are full of reports, and the number of readers of alternative media has long since overtaken the readership of the old media in size.

Brazil is becoming a full-blown dictatorship led by the judges of the out-of-control Supreme Court and their leader, Alexandre de Moraes.

Censorship has now taken on frightening forms in Brazil.

Print media, television channels, and private individuals have been banned from doubting the election results.

Violators face a complete shutdown of communication channels and fines. Social media accounts have already been blocked on a large scale, even by numerous members of Congress and senators.

Perhaps surprisingly for some readers, however, the threat to freedom of expression does not come from the supposedly “evil” side (Bolsonaro) but from the side praised as the “good” one (Lula da Silva).

It is perhaps time to free ourselves from polarity, allow for differentiation, and help the truth break through.

We are in an information war worldwide.

Nobody can process all relevant facts anymore. Nobody can distinguish the truth from the lie anymore, based only on their own intellect, if only for reasons of time.

Everyone chooses sources of information and media for himself, in which he puts his trust to support his own mind.

Worldwide, opinions have become highly polarized to the point where one can say that humanity now lives in entirely different realities.

Essentially, two poles are crystallizing.

We live in a dual world. This proves that the human mind can feed us illusions. How can we be sure that we have always taken the right “fork” between the poles and that we live in the “right” reality?

Perhaps it is time to include the voice of our heart in our consideration.

We should understand that the everywhere forced division of the world and people into good and evil is an illusion.

The manipulative strategies of different interest groups control this division.

The principle of “divide et impera” (Latin: divide and rule) was already followed by the leaders of the Roman Empire.

No one is only good or only evil.

On a spiritual level, we are all tools of a divine plan, we have individual experiences, and the “bad guys” have the task in this plan to act as development engines of the collective soul development.

As humanity, we are all on a great collective hero’s journey together. Who is the hero and who is the villain is always in the eye of the beholder.

Many of a hero’s journeys have also brought about a change in these roles. However, through maximum polarization, they both help humanity to find its way back to the light and a new balance on a collective level.

Collective experiences can take us to a new level of development.

Since these kinds of events are now manifesting simultaneously in many countries, the upcoming step for humanity will be a particularly big one.

And Brazil is taking the lead as the very first country to show the world the way forward.

God bless Brazil.

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