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Opinion: Brussels wants to force Twitter to hire hundreds of censors

Carlos Esteban*

(Opinion) The world is watching with its mouth wide open as Elon Musk makes a daring attempt to resurrect a social network, Twitter, which has never made a profit and has cost him a fortune.

He has, moreover, the whole world against him.

Everyone who counts, we mean: governments, big media, multinationals, and beautiful people, fundamentally, all of whom are betting on the disappearance of the bluebird network with the argument of the jealous criminal: either mine or nobody’s.

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And we users have spent a dizzying week in which the South African tycoon has got rid of the bulk of the staff, almost all of them, and his enemies have solemnly announced a closure that, so far, has not occurred.

Thierry Breton. (Photo internet reproduction)
Thierry Breton. (Photo internet reproduction)

The network is operating as usual, which, after the dismissal of 80% of the workforce, has led many to wonder what that 80% was doing without whose well-paid work everything can continue as before their departure, and has inspired other technology companies, in these difficult times, also to decimate their overburdened workforces.

It is a very risky bet, not only because of the difficulty of continuing to operate with such cuts but also because of the shadow of boycotts by angry former employees and, above all, by large companies that are loudly announcing their abandonment of the network, clearly trying to provoke its ruin.

But, at the same time, it was inevitable to cut back or quit the company.

What made it a little less complex was the fact, now evident, that a good part of those fired were free speech checkers, professional censors coordinated with the Democratic Party, and the globalist agenda to prevent the transmission of uncomfortable truths.

But the Union of European Socialist Republics, officially known as the European Union, is unwilling to let freedom of expression reign in the social network, with the damage that this could do to their dystopian projects.

Last Friday, the Commission sent the Tesla owner an unexpected decree through the mouth of Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market: Musk will have to increase the number of censors (AKA “moderators”) in Europe, a continent increasingly allergic to freedom.

“He is in the process of reducing a certain number of moderators, but he will have to increase them in Europe,” Breton told Franceinfo in an interview picked up by Bloomberg.

Breton added that Musk “will have to open up his algorithms. We will have control, access, and people will no longer be able to say nonsense.”

The nonsense can only be said by those in charge and their mouthpieces.

Because if the excuse is to prevent “disinformation”, it must be said that they have excelled.

Specifically, their “official truths” have turned out to be so disastrously false on essential issues that these last two or three years could be studied in the future as the empirical demonstration of the need for people to express themselves freely.

Almost all the official discourse on the pandemic (and other things, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop) has been revealed to be false and even contrary to the current official truth, and a good part of the most popular and censored ‘denialisms’ in networks are now the canonical version.

For that reason alone, out of a minimum of shame, they should be silent. But their arrogance is infinite.

* Carlos Esteban, 58 years old, fifteen years at the leading economic daily EXPANSIÓN, then part of the Recoletos Group, the last three years as head of Interactive Services on the newspaper’s website. Then in Intereconomía, where I founded the Catholic weekly ALBA, I wrote the opinion in ÉPOCA, where I also covered the International section, for which I was responsible when La Gaceta was born (as a generalist newspaper). For the last few years, I have worked freelance, collaborating with different media.

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