New mRNA vaccine from Arcturus is designed to replicate numerous viral components in the body

Pfizer and Moderna, New mRNA vaccine from Arcturus is designed to replicate numerous viral components in the body

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Like the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which are barely effective against the viruses still circulating, the new “active ingredient” from Arcturus Therapeutics is an mRNA preparation.

This has been “further developed” so that the spike proteins and other virus components multiply in the body. The U.S. preparation is said to have a “95% efficacy” against severe courses and death. We’ve heard that before.

The tales of vaccine efficacy against “severe courses” are well known from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, even though it is now becoming increasingly clear that the vaccines, at least against the variants circulating today, cannot be certified as having any efficacy beyond pure faith.

U.S. biotech firm Arcturus Therapeutics. (Photo internet reproduction)
U.S. biotech firm Arcturus Therapeutics. (Photo internet reproduction)

Neither is one protected from disease nor from passing on the virus, one has no protection against hospitalization, and correspondingly old or pre-diseased persons continue to die. Whether a “milder course” can be expected in any of the described courses of the disease can be evaluated as a matter of faith, it cannot be proven.

Now a third mRNA “vaccine” is about to be approved. The human trials required for this were carried out on the disadvantaged population of Vietnam, while the Delta and Omikron variants were active there.

The name of the active ingredient is ARCT-154, although it is to be expected that a catchier name will be found when marketing begins. In addition to the spike protein, other proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 viruses are produced in the human body.

Most media speak that the entire vaccine could multiply in human cells, but this information does not seem entirely consistent. There is no “off” button for this manufacturer as with previous agents. Again, one must believe that production will eventually stop.

The main difference is storage and transportation options. ARCT-154 can reportedly be shipped as a powder that does not require special refrigeration. This powder must be mixed with liquid before injecting it into test participants.

Then the “vaccination” works – “guaranteed.” ARCT-154 has recently passed phase 3 of the prescribed tests in the recently accustomed fast-track procedure and is about to be approved.

To this end, the company is in close contact with the authorities in the USA, the EU, and the UK. Initially, the active ingredient will be marketed and used in Vietnam.

We found an attempt to explain how ARCT-154 works in the “Indian Express”:

Like Pfizer/BioNTech’s and Moderna’s, an mRNA vaccine uses messenger RNA that encodes the coronavirus spike protein. In other words, the mRNA instructs the cell to produce copies of the spike protein so that when an actual infection occurs, the immune system recognizes the spike and triggers a response.

A self-amplifying mRNA vaccine is an improvement over the traditional RNA platform. It encodes four additional proteins in addition to the vaccine antigen that allows amplification of the original RNA strand once it is in the cell. The fundamental advantage is that a lower dose is required.

There are currently no satisfactory reports of side effects. All available press reports are reminiscent of the one-sided jubilant reports one is used to from the other “vaccines”.

The stock markets did not take the “new miracle drug” news quite so enthusiastically and reacted with a 20% plunge in Arcturus shares. This could also be because the efficacy against symptomatic Covid-19 is said not to be 95% as claimed by the manufacturer but only 55%.

The proportion of unvaccinated people that can be convinced of the active ingredient is unlikely to be very large. That’s why the manufacturer wants to seek approval as a booster vaccine.

What could happen if people are “inoculated” at intervals of a few months with ever different agents that change the way human cells function and are transferred into the genetic material?


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