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Opinion: Lula’s spectacle of hypocrisy

By J.R. Guzzo

(Opinion) President Lula promised during the election campaign that he would exempt all people earning up to R$5,000 a month from Income Tax. It was a lie.

The government has just announced that there will be no exemption; “There is no room”, they say, to give up this revenue.

It’s a cheat.

Income Tax, Opinion: Lula’s spectacle of hypocrisy
Lula wants more, not less, taxes (Photo internet reproduction)

According to the minister who made the announcement, 90% of those who pay income tax earn up to R$5,000 a month; it is not possible, therefore, to relieve so many people.

So why didn’t Lula think about that when he made the promise?

If exemption is impossible today, it was just as impossible six months ago. Or did he have no idea what he was talking about?

In this case, the candidate did not know the most elementary numbers of the whole question; he made a commitment without having any intention of fulfilling what he was promising.

The word used to describe a person who does such a thing is: irresponsible.

All of Lula’s and his government’s chatter about taxes actually presents the public with a spectacle of massive hypocrisy.

They say that the “fiscal policy”, from the 1st of January and for the first time in the history of Brazil, will be made in favor of the “poor”. Really?

A citizen earning up to R$5,000 a month is poor; there can be no doubt about it.

It is also obvious that the most immediate way for a government to help the poor is to stop taking money out of their pockets.

In real life, however, Lula refuses to give a penny to those who have little or nothing; he suddenly discovered that he “has no money”.

It’s fake. There is money, yes — but not for the poor.

At the same time that it was announced that there would be no exemption, the government gave R$5 million to actress Claudia Raia to carry out a musical undertaking, through the infamous “Rouanet Law”; with less than a month of new management, the party is already like that.

Why is there no money for the poor and there is money for the actress?

The fact is that Lula wants exactly the opposite of what he says — his plan is to charge more taxes, not less.

Since the first day of the new government, the Minister of Finance and other barons of what passes for the “economic team” have not stopped snarling about the “need” for more revenue.

The minister even said that “many people don’t pay taxes” in this country — a clear threat that the government is determined to transfer more income from the population into its own pocket.

Seriously? Who is this “many people”?

It is not known who it would be, in a country that raised in 2022, in federal taxes alone, more than R$2 trillion; with taxes from States and City Halls, the total reached almost R$3 trillion.

Lula thinks it’s little.

How will you pay the artists?

With information from Revista Oeste

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