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Lula da Silva recruits members of Soros’ Open Society for his government

By Lucas Ribeiro

Lula da Silva’s possible government – ​​in the event that the irregularities in the past electoral process are legitimized – has begun to define its main names in the transition team.

Two international nominations should be highlighted, namely Pedro Abramovay and Mônica Valente. The first, which represents globalist forces and radical progressive politics; and the second, identified with the values ​​of the São Paulo Forum, communism and socialism.

Pedro Abramovay is a lawyer graduated from USP and a PhD in Political Science from UERJ. He has been linked to the Workers’ Party (PT) for a long time. He was an adviser to former PT mayor Marta Suplicy. Abramovay was also a special adviser to Justice Minister Márcio Thomaz Bastos during the Lula da Silva’s government.

Lula's, Lula da Silva recruits members of Soros’ Open Society for his government
Lula da Silva’s possible government – ​​in the event that the irregularities in the past electoral process are legitimized – has begun to define its main names in the transition team (Photo internet reproduction)

He was also active in the Campaign for Disarmament in 2005. And while the popular vote in Brazil’s 2005 referendum was overwhelmingly in favor of greater gun freedom, the Lula da Silva’s government fought undemocratically for the disarmament of ordinary citizens, going against the very demonstration of the people.

It is important to remember that Pedro Abramovay was a powerful adviser to the PT at the time of Márcio Thomaz Bastos, who was Minister of Justice and also a lawyer for the companies involved in Lava Jato. Thomaz Bastos, who defended companies involved in corruption in Lava Jato, died with a fortune estimated at R$393 million, according to the Conjur website.

In addition to participating in the disarmament campaign, Abramovay was very active in the creation of the Marco Civil de Internet. At that time, the Marco Civil was presented by all the Brazilian progressive “beautiful people” as a panacea for freedom.

However, the political scientist Flávio Morgenstern criticized this measure that, contrary to what was promised, would not give more freedom to the people, but it did impose more control on the part of whoever directed the process.

After having worked at the Ministry of Justice between 2007 and 2011, Pedro Abramovay went on to work on a collective subscription platform called Avaaz between 2012 and 2013. On that platform, he was accused by the journalist Reinaldo Azevêdo of directing said instrument in favor of the PT.

After the immense services rendered to the Workers’ Party, and well aligned with the globalist agendas, in 2013 he became the director for Latin America and the Caribbean of The Open Society, of George Soros, an NGO that channels and directs all the globalists and extreme left agendas through civil societies in countries around the world, and decisively interfering in the State policies of nations.

Among the agendas promoted by the Open Society are alarmist and progressive environmentalism and radical identity agendas.

One of Open Society’s main allies in the environmental area is the APIB (Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil) led by congresswoman Sônia Guajajara.

She is from the PSOL, which is a party ideologically equivalent to Podemos in Spain, with an ultra-progressive and ultra-left orientation. Other agendas promoted by the organization are gender ideology and radical feminism.

Pedro Abramovay likes to see himself as a staunch defender of democracy. But one should understand this concept as a democracy dominated by the left.

The various attacks by the Judiciary against the Rule of Law in Brazil are interpreted as a defense of that same Rule of Law.

Due to his career in the PT and his alignment with the values ​​of Lula da Silva’s party, this character assumes that Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to freedom of expression, even though Lula da Silva openly defends control of the press and social networks.

He professes the tradition of the Ibero-American left in which freedom of expression is only what they consider as such.

Another rhetorical strategy used by the powerful lawyer is to describe Bolsonaro as close to the authoritarian project of Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega, forgetting that these are precisely allies of the first order of the PT, the São Paulo Forum and Lula da Silva.

It was precisely about this that he made comments in an interview with UOL journalists on October 10, 2022.

The other key figure in the international sector of a Lula da Silva’s government will be Mônica Valente. The trajectory of the communist militant and staunch defender of Latin American socialist integration is extensive within the regional socialist movement.

She was president of the Union of Public Health Workers of the State of São Paulo (Sindsaúde-SP) and vice president of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT) of Brazil.

She was chief of staff of the mayor’s office of the Marta Suplicy PT, between 2002 and 2004.

Mônica Valente has always been a disciplined communist militant and very loyal to the Workers Party. Valente was for many years Secretary of International Relations of the PT and is currently Executive Secretary of the São Paulo Forum.

Valente would be a faithful representative of that “carnivorous left” that Plinio Apuleyo and Álvaro Vargas Llosa once pointed out in their “Manual of the perfect Latin American idiot.”

She is a representative of the old Latin American left that defends Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. On November 18 and 19, she was in Caracas repeating the moldy slogans and watchwords: “against imperialism”; “against the economic blockade” and for the union of the Latin American left.

As a staunch defender of communism on the continent, she works to legitimize fraudulent electoral processes in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

She also affirms that the revolutionary process in Cuba is a democracy. The bureaucrat from the São Paulo Forum said about the persecution of opponents of Daniel Ortega in 2021: “In terms of substance, the Government of Nicaragua is absolutely right to prosecute these people, based on its own law, based on the international right”.

She also repeats that Cuba is only in a bad economic situation because of the “US blockade” and that there is no dictatorship there. Along the same lines, in a recent video that circulated on the web, the secretariat of the São Paulo Forum defended “democracy” in Venezuela.

Therefore, with this information and profiles that will make up the possible Lula da Silva’s government, if the accusations of electoral fraud are dismissed, the orientation towards a radicalized left is more than clear, either by the old Latin American socialism or by the new postmodern globalism, with the identity agendas of groups.

This is both in terms of foreign policy and in the very essence of the internal policy to be exercised in the South American giant.

With information from La Gaceta

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