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Iran sees growing unrest and protests after 10-story business center collapses

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Iranian regime is a theocratic state based on the velayat-e faqih principle (absolute clerical rule). Iran’s authoritarian rulers violently clamp down on popular demands, including calls for greater personal freedoms and equality.

Since the beginning of May, mass demonstrations against the incumbent government have been taking place across the country.

By 19 May, the security forces had managed to contain the hot spots of discontent and reduce tensions.

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However, the active phase resumed with increased intensity after the collapse of a 10-story business center under construction in Abadan.

Collapse of a 10-story business center under construction in Abadan. (Photo internet reproduction)
Collapse of a 10-story business center under construction in Abadan. (Photo internet reproduction)

Chronology of events:

▪️ The collapse of the building, which killed 32 people and injured 48, has prompted fresh grievances against the incumbent government

On the night of 25-26 May, the streets of Abadan were filled with protesters chanting “Down with the Islamic regime”

▪️ On May 26, in solidarity with the people of Abadan, protesters took to the streets of Senendej in Kurdistan Province, Khorremshehr and Behbehan in Khuzestan, Bender Abbas in Hormozgan and Shahinshehr in Isfahan

▪️ On 27 May, workers at the Navroud Company petrochemical plant in Kengan in Bushehr province went on strike over poor working conditions and low wages

Protests also took place in the cities of Sarbandar, Bandar Mahshehra and Omidiye in Khuzestan, as well as in Tehran, Bushehr, Ahvaz and Shiraz

Law enforcement and Basij resistance forces began using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters

▪️ On 28 May, Dalgan in Sistan and Balochistan, Eze, Karaj, Shehr-e Ray, Qom, Endimeshk, Susangerd and Mashhad joined the aforementioned cities

In addition, demonstrations have started in various cities around the world, including London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Toronto and Bucharest

▪️ On May 29, pensioners in Kermanshah rallied against low pensions and lack of social guarantees

In Tehran, health workers protested against low wages and long working hours

Protests in the rest of the cities continue with varying degrees of intensity

▪️ Alongside the mass demonstrations, opposition supporters actively use social media to promote the interests of their sponsoring countries

The thesis of friendship with the United States is promoted during the rallies. One of the most used slogans is: “Our enemy is the current government, not the US”

In addition, organizations monitoring human rights violations have stated that 19 people, including three women, have been executed by the “Khamenei regime” since 25 May

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