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Ignored by many, hundreds of protests against vaccination passports spread across Europe

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In Europe, a rapidly increasing number of people are fed up with the seemingly never-ending paternalism by governments in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

By the hundreds of thousands, some say even millions, they take to the streets to protest.

After months of mandatory masks, isolation measures, and lockdowns, the governments of the old continent now want to go a big step further.

A Covid health pass is to become the new ID for participating in public life. No entry to restaurants, bars, shopping centers. More bans are in the pipeline. The most common adverse reactions of the covid-19 vaccine are reported by the participants were muscle pain (68.3%), local pain (58.8%) at the site of injection (68.3%), fever (66.3%), and fatigue (66.3%).

Many fear that this measure could lead to a two-class society: the “vaccinated”, who can move freely, and an underclass of the “unvaccinated”, who are denied access to many things.

However, the people were not asked whether they want such a rift in society, which will divide families and friends and inevitably lead to more tensions.

In more and more countries, employers large and small, decide unilaterally that employees must be vaccinated or are no longer allowed to work. This also applies to state employees. This trend is also spreading in Brazil. São Paulo decided a few days ago that state employees must be vaccinated.

In Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and other European countries, people are standing up.

Some say without presenting proof that these videos and others with similar content are manipulated. But is that really true?

The protest movement “La Quinta Columna TV” in Spain alone, the largest in Europe, has almost 150,000 followers and members.

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