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German lawyer and 400 officials will target “Covid criminals” for genocide

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – German lawyer Reiner Füllmich will host a meeting this Saturday in Florida to present the evidence he has gathered in interviews with some 400 scientists, doctors, lawyers, and journalists.

A model Grand Jury investigation asks for an indictment against six defendants.

Christian Drosten
Anthony Fauci
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO
Bill Gates

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Füllmich said we need to keep litigating to stop what he calls the “murderous madness” that is taking place all over the world. He explained that his law firm had initiated nine cases against the perpetrators in Germany. But, Füllmich stressed that the legal system in Germany is completely broken, and so is the judiciary.

The few judges still willing to enforce the law have been more or less silenced. One of them was raided by the police. His office, house, and car were searched, and his computer and cell phone were confiscated.

The same thing happened to the three experts called in by the judge and three renowned professors from prestigious universities. “There’s not much we can do about that in Germany,” Füllmich sighed.

The lawyer pointed out that justice still works in some places in the United States. For example, a Florida judge ruled on April 18 that the government, in this case, the CDC, does not have the authority to require the wearing of a mouth guard on public transportation, airplanes, airports, etc.

Füllmich said that other cases have also been won in America and revealed that he and many other attorneys are currently preparing a lawsuit against those responsible.

“Many want the perpetrators to disappear behind bars or even get the death penalty, but that’s not my area of expertise,” said Füllmich, who specializes in liability law.

He is working with a lawyer in India, where three major criminal investigations are underway against Bill Gates. The Indian FBI is taking the matter very seriously, the lawyer said.

“It doesn’t look good for Gates. At worst, he faces the death penalty there for mass murder.”


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