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Dangerous and criminal: a second batch of classified documents is found in the garage of Joe Biden’s house

A second batch of highly classified documents that should not leave the White House was discovered in the glove compartment of President Joe Biden’s personal car, inside the garage at his private home in Wilmington, Delaware.

This is the second such story this week, after confidential documents were found on Tuesday in his personal office at the Penn Biden Center, headquarters of the Democratic president’s foundation.

Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president, confirmed the news, saying the files were immediately turned over to the National Archives and the Justice Department was notified, which opened an official investigation against Biden as removing these documents from the White House is a federal crime, which goes against the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

, Dangerous and criminal: a second batch of classified documents is found in the garage of Joe Biden’s house
After finding confidential intelligence files in the office of the Biden foundation, new documents were found in the glove compartment of the president’s personal car (Photo internet reproduction)

Biden told reporters this afternoon that he was “fully and completely cooperating” with the investigation, but because of the vast corruption that exists in the current Democratic administration, White House prosecutors are not expected to do anything to hurt Biden, Your boss.

Fox News journalist Peter Doocy asked the president how he was able to keep classified materials in his garage in his Corvette. “What were you thinking?”, he recriminated Biden screaming.

“Don’t worry, my Corvette is in a closed garage, okay? It’s not like I’m sitting on the street,” replied Biden, who failed to understand that no matter where they are stored, the law in force since 1978 prohibited any president or vice president from taking classified documents from the White House or government buildings like the Pentagon.

While it is completely understandable that an elderly man, who turned 80 in 2022 and clearly suffers from senile dementia, would forget folders with documents, the question that the prosecutor assigned to the investigation must answer is why Joe Biden removed these documents from the White House at some point in his vice presidency (2008-2016) and did not return them when he left the vice presidential office on January 20, 2017.

For the public, the situation has an additional component: a few months ago, Biden ordered a search of Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s property in Florida, under the excuse that he had taken classified documents from the White House, but his case It is very different from that of the Democratic president.

The lawyers explained that Trump signed a decree on his last day in office declassifying the documents he had at home, and that he had also requested authorization from the National Archives to take said material, with the aim of creating the “Library of the 45th President”.

According to the statement published by the White House, the Biden files that were found were not declassified at any time.

On social networks, users highlighted the hypocrisy and double standards of the president, who ordered a completely illegal search of a former president while he himself would have committed the crime that Trump is accused of.

With information from La Derecha Diario

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