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Covid shots: Institute for International Criminal Investigation calls for indictments of Gates, Fauci, Pfizer, BlackRock, Tedros and Drosten

By Jonas Schreiber

A group of 11 attorneys from different countries and a judge from Portugal opened a criminal investigation in February 2022.

All available evidence of crimes against Humanity has been presented to a Grand Jury, in this case, civilians.

As a result, the Institute for International Criminal Investigation (IICI) calls every public citizen to recommend indictments for Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Pfizer, BlackRock, Tedros, and Christian Drosten for pushing the dangerous, lethal experimental vaccines.

According to Reiner Fuellmich from the IICI, they use our governments and the mainstream media, both of which they own, to convey their panic propaganda 24/7.

(Reiner Fuellmicch, IICI)

“Right from the start, we witnessed a deliberate, completely senseless banning of regular, effective, and safe methods of treatment of respiratory diseases and, instead, a mandate of treatments that must now be considered severe medical malpractice,” said Fuellmich.

IICI was founded when the International Criminal Court was established in recognition that, despite the more widespread application of international criminal law, there was no comprehensive training program for investigators of international crimes.

Since its inception, IICI has trained and mentored hundreds of investigators across the world in the hard skills and techniques necessary to acquire evidence of a standard that will stand up to scrutiny in criminal courts, human rights commissions, and elsewhere and allow perpetrators of mass atrocities to be brought to justice.

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