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Opinion: Brazil, a democracy under Attack

By Paula Schmitt*

“A slap on the face”

(Opinion) My name is Paula Schmitt, and I am only smiling because my mom says I look better that way.

I should actually be crying because my country, Brazil, has ceased to be a democracy.

It is a judiciary tyranny – and it is the worst type of tyranny because it only hunts down the dissidents of the establishment.

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The friendlies are allowed everything.

Now I want to tell you something that will be hard to believe if Consensus Inc misinformed you.

I call Consensus Inc. the informal but well-oiled cartel of single thought and dogma formed by mega-corporations, old media, hedge funds, academia, and big tech.

Here are some statements from this video:

Lula, supposedly leftwing, is one of the biggest middlemen for the largest banks and monopolistic corporations in Brazil and abroad.

How Lula purchased the support on the top.

Lula is also the guy who has said he wants to separate families if children are not vaccinated.

The sinister and unprecedented judicial (and unjust) support Lula got from the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Watch what the now Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes had to say about Lula’s PT party a few years ago.

This man, Alexandre de Moraes, and other judges made it illegal to quote videos like the one on Moraes and Lula’s words during the election and much more.

Download the video here.

, Opinion: Brazil, a democracy under Attack

* Paula Schmitt is a journalist, writer and holds an MA in Political Science and Middle  Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut. She is the author of the fiction book “Eudemonia” and the non-fiction “Spies”.

She won the Bandeirantes Radiojournalism Award, was a Middle East correspondent for SBT and Radio France, and was a political columnist for Folha de S.Paulo and Estado de S. Paulo.

She has published articles in Rolling Stone, Vogue Homem, and 971mag, among other publications. She writes weekly for Poder360, always on Thursdays.

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