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Opinion: and that’s how they destroyed the world

By Daniel Lopez*

(Opinion) This is both a sad and eventful week.

We have had the tragedy of the strong earthquakes that have victimized thousands of people in Turkey and Syria.

At the same time, a “memorandum of understanding” was signed between the Central Bank of Brazil and the People’s Bank of China, enabling bilateral transactions in Chinese currency (yuan) between Brazilian and Chinese investors, companies, and institutions.

Surveillance, control and oppression. (Photo internet reproduction)
Surveillance, control and oppression. (Photo internet reproduction)

Amid all this confusion, the system continues to advance at high speed in consolidating its plans for the concentration of power.

It is a little talked about topic, and yet one that will have monumental repercussions for everyday life: monitoring the carbon footprint and controlling the carbon credit.

The goal is to monitor, track, and trace every kilogram of CO2 that each person emits.

Authorities establish that each individual must respect a limit of 2 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

The problem is that, on average, each person consumes around 16 tons per year.

Conclusion: reducing almost 800% of individual carbon emissions will be necessary.

But how to do this?

The simplest way is what I have been saying for years: replacing physical money with digital money (the CBDCs, the centralized currencies of the central banks worldwide).

I believe this change will be the system’s global checkmate against the masses, total control of such magnitude that not even George Orwell could have imagined in his darkest nightmares.

While this tradition has yet to take hold, they have devised a way to initiate control of the so-called “carbon footprint”.

The “solution” (or misfortune) is being brought about by a company called Doconomy, a Swedish fin-tech startup for everyday climate actions.

Through an agreement with Mastercard, they have developed, they say, “a revolutionary tool for consumers who want to take action against climate change.”

They have developed a card called Mastercard DO Black, which encourages customers to offset their carbon footprint by participating in projects that follow the guidelines of sustainable projects endorsed by the United Nations.

This is through an agreement with the UN secretariat of Climate Change (UNFCCC), which aims to encourage climate protection actions on a global level.

The future that is being drawn is a world in which carbon consumption monitored by centralized digital currency will grant social credits to those who “behave”.

If the customer is vegan, their consumption will be well-priced, with little carbon production.

So too, for those who consume lab-grown artificial meats, insects, and other system-sponsored “delicacies.”

On the other hand, if one consumes meat, one will become a “global villain”, a polluter of the environment, and a destroyer of nature.

A deviant who does not think about the common good and the preservation of the planet.

This will be the Codex Alimentarium fully in place. Not only that: mobility will also be fully controlled.

I have already written articles commenting on a decision in the UK that would prevent a citizen from driving into neighboring neighborhoods beyond a certain limit.

The same thing happened with airlines.

Even today, when buying an airline ticket, the platforms already inform how much carbon emission that stretches releases.

Depending on the route flown, the person will consume all their authorized carbon credit annually.

If someone exceeds the limit, they will initially pay a fine. Later on, they may face a series of penalties.

Perhaps the entire population will be forced to pay the price through a “climate lockdown” so that people will really “have nothing, but be happy,” and “everything they need they will borrow, and it will be delivered to their doorstep via a drone.”

As always, control.

In this line of reasoning, the future that is being drawn is a world in which carbon consumption monitored by centralized digital currency will grant social credits (for those who “behave”) and the loss of benefits for the “rebels”.

They may be prevented from traveling, accessing universities and public services, or even having their digital bank account blocked for not following the system’s dictates.

It is a nightmare come true. But following the precept that “knowledge is power”, the more people who know about this process, perhaps there is a chance that the controlling wishes of the system will not be realized. God bless us.

*Daniel Lopez is a journalist who graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro School of Communication, a doctor in Linguistics (UFF), a master in Linguistics (UERJ), a bachelor in Theology (UMESP), and a licentiate in Literature.

He has been a pastor at Bola de Neve Sede Church, in São Paulo, since 2014.

He is a writer, translator, and university professor. Maintains the YouTube channel “Daniel Lopez” and the website

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