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Border re-opening: People may be allowed to enter Uruguay, but not Argentina

, Border re-opening: People may be allowed to enter Uruguay, but not Argentina

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Uruguay will open its borders soon because the health situation has improved. There is talk of a gradual reopening of the borders by the national government. To avoid all doubt, Cambio newspaper interviewed Argentine Consul Carola del Río, who provided more details on the matter.


A few days ago, a demonstration took place in front of the Argentine Consulate in Uruguay. A group of people demanded the bridge’s opening to get to the neighboring country where they have relatives and are looking for work.

Del Río said in this regard, “It is a group of people under the name of Grupo Puente-who basically have family ties, work and live on both sides, both in the city of Concordia and in the city Salto,” and continued.

Bridge between Salto and Concordia. (Photo internet reproduction)
Bridge between Salto and Concordia. (Photo internet reproduction)

There are about 200 families who work on both sides, both in Salto and Concordia and because of the health situation created by the pandemic and the closure of the borders, they are affected. These families should be reunited,” is the proposal they have been making for months.

“To enter Argentina, at the moment there is only the Buquebus (ferry), you have to have an Argentine identity card because foreigners are not accepted, and all border crossings are closed,” she added.


Carola del Río said that the Argentine Consulate is ready to support those who approach them with their concerns. “The closure of the borders is ordered by the National Migration Directorate of the Argentine Republic, in collaboration with the health authorities, based on the data they provide and the analysis of the pandemic, we receive people, we take note of them and raise the issue with the authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but it is not in our hands to respond to this group of people,” she said.


The Argentine consul reported that there had been many calls about fake news in recent days. “There was a rumor circulating that the bridge would be open two hours a day, or that Argentina was even considering a pilot program to open the Salto Grande bridge, this kind of news has no basis, to a problem that is already complicated for these families who need to get to Concordia, adding rumors, false news, does not contribute,” she said.

“Uruguay is looking at the possibility of opening the borders. Certainly, there will be a press conference on Monday, it would be a staggered opening, but what needs to be clarified is that it is about Uruguay, people would be allowed to enter Uruguay, not Argentina, from the neighboring country has not been raised at any time the possibility of opening. Currently, Argentina has completely closed its land borders. The only possibility of entry through Buquebus and people must have a valid Argentine ID; no foreigners or immediate family members can enter,” he explained.

As long as Argentina does not improve its health situation, which means that vaccinations are very slow, the country will not consider opening its borders.

Source: Cambio

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