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Peru’s Production Minister Resigns

Peru’s Minister of Production, Sandra Belaúnde, resigned on Wednesday, barely a month and a half after taking office and in the context of the intense anti-government protests sweeping the Andean nation.

Beláunde considers that the president is refusing to recognize the real underlying problems that have been fueling the anti-government demonstrations, which have been active since the beginning of December.

Peru's Minister of Production, Peru’s Production Minister Resigns
Peru’s President, Dinal Boluarte, and former Minister of Production, Sandra Belaúnde (Photo internet reproduction)

With this new resignation, President Dina Boluarte has now accumulated seven resignations since she took the reins of the Andean Presidency less than two months ago, following the dismissal and arrest of Pedro Castillo after a failed attempt to arrogate more powers to herself.

The list of resignations is headed by Patricia Correa and Jair Pérez, in charge of the Education and Culture portfolios, respectively.

They were followed by the Minister of Labor, Eduardo García, and on January 13, Víctor Rojas and Grecia Rojas, Minister of the Interior and Minister of Women, respectively, resigned.

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