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Haiti investigates 3 more Colombians for involvement in President Moïse’s assassination

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Colombian authorities are investigating the participation of three other Colombian citizens, among them a former policeman, in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, informed Thursday (15) the director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas.

Vargas said at a press conference that “three Colombian citizens who were allegedly in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are currently being sought.”

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General Vargas explained that so far 21 Colombian citizens have been found to have participated in the assassination, three of them dead and 18 captured.

“That is to say, the 21 plus another three that we are (…) verifying their participation in the events that took place in Port-au-Prince,” he added.

When asked if one of the three people under investigation is former police pilot Ronald Ramirez, General Vargas confirmed that name.

, Haiti investigates 3 more Colombians for involvement in President Moïse’s assassination
Police General Jorge Luis Vargas (Photo internet reproduction)

“Yes, we are in that identification, in that search. The authorities there have already given us those names,” said General Vargas, who also referred to the participation of the brothers Jonathan and Germán Rivera in the planning of the attack.

According to the Police, Jonathan Rivera apparently participated in Miami (USA) in preparatory meetings for the conspiracy, and Colombian media have indicated that he was the one who recruited his brother, retired Army Captain Germán Rivera, captured in Haiti, and retired Sergeant Duberney Capador, killed in Port-au-Prince.

“We know that Colombian citizens Germán Rivera García and Duberney Capador participated in the planning and organization of what was initially an alleged operation to arrest the president of Haiti and, for this purpose, they contacted more people in our country,” said the general.

The Police director also said that progress is being made in the collaboration with the Haitian authorities on some questions that can be asked to the Colombians arrested “to have the details of the meetings both in Miami and in Haiti”.

“Germán Rivera has had contact with 12 people in Haiti, all the technical information is already with the Haitian authorities, and Duberney Capador may also have had contact with 10 people in Haiti,” explained the general.

He added that the commission sent to Haiti by order of the Colombian President, Ivan Duque, continues to work on this cooperation mission.

Finally, General Vargas said that no notification has been received from Interpol and no requests have been made for more Colombians who may be linked to the assassination.

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