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Petro’s son and brother’s links to drug trafficking spark political storm in Colombia

By Sabrina Martin

A new scandal surrounds Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro, who was forced to ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate his son and older brother due to rumors linking them to drug trafficking.

“Due to the information that is rumored in the public opinion about my brother Juan Fernando Petro Urrego and my eldest son Nicolás Petro Burgos, I ask the Prosecutor General of the Nation to advance all the necessary investigations and determine possible responsibilities,” said the president.

The “rumors” Petro refers to arose after Day Vásquez, ex-wife of his son Nicolás Petro, accused him of receiving money from drug traffickers with sums that would exceed 1,000 million pesos (US$210 thousand).

Gustavo and Nicolas Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)
Gustavo and Nicolas Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)

In an interview with Semana magazine, Vásquez claimed that the money never reached Petro’s campaign because her ex-husband “kept the money”.

For his part, the president’s son denied the accusations and publicly said that he is open to any investigation. He assured that his ex-partner seeks to destroy him because “he did not take the separation well”.

“Months ago, I ended my relationship with Dayssuris del Carmen. I understand that the breakup was painful for her, that many wounds were opened.”

“I decided to separate, to rebuild my life, and she took it in the worst possible way and sought my destruction.”

“I asked the Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation on the matter, that it be addressed with celerity and prompt clarity on the matter and thus reaffirm my innocence”, he pointed out.


According to Day Vásquez, Nicolás Petro “received money from people who have had a dark past”.

This is about drug trafficker Samuel Santander López Sierra, who was extradited and sentenced to 20 years and who allegedly gave him 600 million pesos for the presidential campaign.

Vásquez also referred to Alfonso ‘el Turco’ Hilsaca, who allegedly gave Petro’s son at least 400 million pesos.

Regarding Juan Petro, Petro’s brother, he has been linked several times with a cartel of lawyers who have asked drug traffickers for money in exchange for benefits.

Juan Petro already appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office for these allegations in early February in a 40-minute reserved statement.

On that day, his lawyer assured that his client is a “victim” of a network of lawyers who use his name to advance alleged negotiations with the government.

Juan Petro, the president's brother. (Photo internet reproduction)
Juan Petro, the president’s brother. (Photo internet reproduction)

It should be remembered that in 2022, in the middle of the presidential campaign, Juan Fernando went to a prison in Bogotá to meet with several inmates.

According to the press, in this meeting, he offered benefits for those convicted of corruption and drug trafficking in the eventual government of his brother.

On that occasion, Gustavo Petro denied that version and assured his brother was not part of the campaign.

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