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Chile’s non-copper exports grow 34 % in 2022

Chile’s non-copper exports exceeded US$52.388 billion during 2022, up 34 percent over the previous year, given the increase in services, the Foreign Ministry’s ProChile office reported today.

According to ProChile, the leading destinations for shipments of goods and services were in Asia, with a return of US$21.802 billion and an increase of 56 percent over 2021.

China was the first market with shipments for more than US$13.703 billion and recorded the highest year-on-year increase of 65.3 percent, followed by other markets such as the United States, Japan, and Brazil.

Santiago de Chile. (Photo internet reproduction)
Santiago de Chile. (Photo internet reproduction)

Shipments of lithium and fresh cherries to the Asian country stood out, driving total export growth, in addition to sulfates.

According to figures from the National Customs Service, exports of non-copper goods totaled US$50.125 billion, with an annual variation of 33 percent.

There were higher shipments of lithium (721.8 percent), salmon and trout (27 percent), and fresh cherries (20.3 percent), among others.

Meanwhile, exports of services totaled US$1,385 million, up 21.3 percent.

Growth was noted in the maintenance and repair (86.2 percent), engineering (127.4 percent), research and development (51.5 percent), and logistics services (33.1 percent) sectors.

Germany was the market to which the reception of Chilean services increased the most.

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