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Chile announces package with direct economic aid to families in the country

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, announced yesterday, Thursday, a package with seven measures that seek to give economic security to families in the country and that considers direct monetary contributions.

“We are going through difficult times, the first semester is going to be challenging, and the rise in the cost of living is a challenge for all Chilean families”, said the president in a press conference.

Boric pointed out that they seek to take charge of this economic scenario, first with responsible public policies to stop the inflationary rise and with resources available for families.

economic security, Chile announces package with direct economic aid to families in the country
Chile announces package with direct economic aid to families in the country. (Photo internet reproductioni)

“This year, we are going to work even harder to guarantee rights, to ensure their economic, social, and citizen security, which we know is their priority”, he said.

The Chilean president specified that the package would be sent to Congress for prompt approval.

“I hope that beyond the tense climate that arises from daily political disputes, we will be able to put the problems and urgencies of our people first”.

Among the seven measures are the Permanent Family Allowance, which will be delivered in March and will cover more than 1.5 million households, and the creation of the Electronic Family Pocket, which contemplates a state transfer for eight months to help face the increase in the cost of living of families.

They will also deliver the Family Allowance; the Single Family Allowance; they will establish an agreement to reduce the cost of medicines, an extension of the food program for students, and the creation of a guarantee fund for credits in the construction sector, which the Congress must approve of the South American country.

The Chilean economy fell 2.5 percent year-on-year last November, the most significant drop since February 2021 and the third consecutive monthly decline, a negative result attributed to the fall in trade and manufacturing, the Central Bank of Chile preliminarily reported last Tuesday.

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