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Chile and Germany advance in agreements on technology, mining and economics

Chile and Germany made progress in cooperation agreements on technology, mining, and economy, said this Sunday the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, during the state visit of the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, to the country.

“I have had the opportunity to hold a perfect working meeting with the Chancellor and later an extended meeting with several of our ministers, where we advanced in details of what this cooperation will translate into the three agreements we have just signed”, explained Boric.

The Chilean president specified three cooperation agreements on specific matters: technology and innovation, mining training, and circular economy and energy, in addition to an “important” memorandum between the Chilean state-owned copper company Corporación Nacional del Cobre and one of the leading metallurgical companies in Europe.

Gabriel Boric and Olaf Scholz. (Photo internet reproduction)
Gabriel Boric and Olaf Scholz. (Photo internet reproduction)

“The commercial and cooperation ties between Chile and Germany have a long history, and this visit also, in which the private sector of both countries have participated, strengthens these ties,” Boric remarked.

“We want Chile to be seen from Germany for its capacity to develop new technologies, sustainable projects, and innovative companies that continue to push development in our lands”, added the Chilean head of state.

Meanwhile, Scholz added that future developments should be fair and seek to ensure strict complementarity and that opportunities are taken advantage of moderately.

“At least in Germany, we advocate for this to be carried out in Europe; we advocate that countries with natural resources can also benefit from this.”

In many cases, the first processing is not carried out in these countries,” he said after being consulted on the announcement in Chile to create a national lithium company.

On this subject, Boric added that “Chile has every right and duty, in this case, to be able to participate in what this industry generates and, therefore, we are going to do it through state exploration and exploitation; we are making progress in this, in addition to other contracts”.

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