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Nicaraguan Foreign Minister criticizes imperialist countries in the UN and calls for a multipolar world

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada today condemned the sanctions imposed by imperialist nations against his country and other free nations of the world.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister called on the United Nations General Assembly to reject polarization and continue building a multipolar world.

“We have demonstrated and exercised our national dignity and sovereignty by resisting the colonial and imperial greed and avarice over the centuries that raged, attacked, intervened, invaded, and occupied our sacred land from Europe and the north of this wounded continent,” he said.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada. (Photo internet reproduction)
Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada. (Photo internet reproduction)

Moncada asserted that it is time to bring the right of people closer to a UN that represents all the peoples of the world and does not submit to the “plans of any imperialist power.”

“It is time to stop the criminal blockades, and the aggressions called sanctions, which are illegal, arbitrary, and illegitimate and which make even more evident the perversion of a system and an imperialist and capitalist model that continues to punish and bleed the world – under the eyes and with the patience of the organizations that should defend it,” Moncada criticized.

The minister added that it is necessary to “stand up to the hypocritical imperialism that politicizes, falsifies and denigrates human rights.”

At the same time, imperialism “violates and denies” them with its coercive measures against other nations.

“The invasion, the robbery, the shameful and heinous plunder, the atrocities and the genocides that imperialist colonialism has unleashed on the earth are the true crimes, the true criminals against humanity, and we denounce them,” Moncada said.

On this last day of addresses to the UN General Assembly, the Nicaraguan government’s representative spoke in favor of the principle of sovereign equality of states in all international forums and organizations.

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