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Uruguay is studying the vaccination of Argentina tourists

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Ambassador of Uruguay in Argentina, Carlos Enciso Christiansen, stated that his country is studying the possibility of vaccinating Argentine tourists against the coronavirus. Thus, they would complete their vaccination scheme on Uruguayan soil.

“The tourist who does not have the complete cycle, who can go for several days, will do the quarantine and then, it is also feasible, it is about to be defined, that he can be vaccinated in Uruguay”, he stated in radio declarations.

Carlos Enciso Christiansen. (Photo internet reproduction)
Carlos Enciso Christiansen. (Photo internet reproduction)

The diplomat expressed that “the initiative is being evaluated”, for which he was “cautious in its implementation”. He specified that there would be “a minimum of tourist residence to avoid collapses, to avoid changing the spirit of the issue because we do not want to compete with the Argentine authorities in such a sensitive issue.”

On Radio Mitre, he stated: “Today, by river and air, which are the communications we have, we are in a position, as from November 1st, to allow all Argentine citizens to visit us.”

He also pointed out that the idea is “to promote tourism in the area”, with which he estimated that “there will be a minimum stay in the country to have the right to the vaccine”. And he anticipated that from next month the migratory movement would return almost to normal.

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