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Argentina has more than 46 million inhabitants

Argentina has a population of 46,044,703 people, according to the provisional results of the 2022 Census released Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC).

The total number of inhabitants in the South American country grew by more than 6.3 million concerning the penultimate census carried out in 2010, according to data reflected in the portal of the state entity.

The National Census of Population, Homes, and Dwellings 2022, carried out on May 18 last year, revealed that the province of Buenos Aires concentrates the most significant number of inhabitants, with 17.5 million.

Buenos Aires. (Photo internet reproduction)
Buenos Aires. (Photo internet reproduction)

It is followed by the district of Cordoba (Center) with 3.9 million people, Santa Fe (center) with 3.5 million, and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Federal Capital) with 3.1 million.

Of the total number of residents in Argentina, 51.76 percent are women, and another 48.22 percent are men, the entity added.

Regarding households, a total of 17,805,711 homes were registered, of which 17.7 million correspond to private homes and 25,501 to collective homes.

“We are very pleased with the results we have obtained,” said INDEC director Marco Lavagna at a press conference, noting that 98.6 percent of the territorial segments were covered during the operation.

Lavagna also described as a “resounding success” the implementation of a digital census that accompanied the in-person registration, which 55.28 percent of the population answered.


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