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German CureVac vaccine only 48% effective against Covid-19, final result shows

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The German laboratory CureVac vaccine is only 48% effective against Covid-19, a level much lower than other messenger RNA immunizers approved, according to the full results of a large-scale clinical trial, the lab announced Wednesday, June 30.

In trial participants, “the prototype CVnCoV vaccine demonstrated an overall efficacy of 48% (83 cases in the vaccinated group, 145 in the placebo group) against the Covid-19 disease, irrespective of its severity,” the lab said in a statement, which has signed a major contract with the European Union.

The result had been expected after discouraging interim results of clinical trials were published in mid-June. The lab said at the time that it was due to the rapid emergence of new variants.

CureVac states that the product performs slightly better in the 18-60 age group, with an efficacy of 53%.

In this group, the protective effect against moderate and severe forms of the disease is as high as 77%, and reaches 100% in preventing hospitalizations and deaths, according to the statement.

But “in participants over the age of 60, who represent 9% of cases studied, the available data did not allow efficacy to be clearly determined statistically.”

Source: Exame

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